Monday, August 16, 2021

Another week ahead

DH didn't have a great night. The pain started up again. He tried to hold off, but at some point during the night they had to give him the fentanyl (which he hadn't had since Friday afternoon). They put the iv fluids back on this morning. He said he's not in pain this morning, like he was, just uncomfortable. Since I had that long talk with the doctor Friday evening, they have not been late with his scheduled pain meds every 2 hours. I'm assuming they are going to do the MRI today. Maybe that will show something, so they can know what is still causing this to not get much better yet.

I log into work this morning. Going to attach another email to an email, like I often do with the "attach item" in outlook and it's not there anymore. What the heck. I am not in the mood for this! The Outlook we use has always had where you can attach a file/document, but you can also attach an "item" and pick another email to attach.

I haven't been watching the news, so only getting bits and pieces of what's going on in Afghanistan. Awful. 

This lily I planted last summer has bloomed for the first time. So pretty!

That's all I know this morning, so far.


  1. Hopefully, the MRI will yield results that can help the doctor put and end to all this. Work needs no glitches for you right now. I love lilies. Has your husband seen those? Is your dog missing him more?

    1. no MRI, just did another update post about that. I did send dh a picture of the lillies bloomed. Dog seemes down and bored. Poor pup.