Wednesday, August 25, 2021

First follow up appointment

DH had his appointment with the GI specialist this morning. He wants to see what the ultrasound tomorrow might show. He also wants to do an endoscopy, but not for 4-5 weeks. He said he wants to wait because the longer the pancreas has to settle down (if it's going to and sounds like it is) the better he can see with the endoscopy. Something about the endoscopy also includes an ultrasound type of endoscopy, he said.

Even though it was a 45 min drive to the city, apparently both of us were thinking how much nicer and easier going to the doctor here is compared to living in big metropolitan area. God, I hated when he had to go see specialists and what not, back when we were trying to figure out his muscle problem. Awful traffic, 2 hours to get to an appointment that was 40 miles away, trying to find the places, trying to figure out where to park, etc. So stressful before you even get there. Then do it again with a follow up appointment. Today we were there and back (with over an hour appointment) in 3 hours and zero traffic, a huge empty parking lot to park in, LOL.

While we were gone dd did all the carpet vacuuming for me, which was really nice. 

Not much else newsworthy going on. We had spaghetti for dinner last night and instead of adding ground beef to the sauce, like usual, I used ground turkey. We all thought it tasted fine and not much difference in taste. I don't know what to have tonight for dinner. So far, not much is sounding good. 

DD's dog is stressing out the chickens. If we let him get into the back of yard he rushes the coop and freaks them all out and then they all sit inside up on their roost or one of the hens will come down and be lookout while the rest sit up there. 

I'm feeling the afternoon sleepiness from getting up an hour early to go to the dr appt first thing this morning. The ultrasound tomorrow he doesn't need to be there until 8:45 so I can get up my normal time to get ready. Maybe we'll get "lucky" and something will show on the ultrasound to let them know what is going on and what they need to do and wouldn't need to do the endoscopy.

This dr we saw today also said that if they had done that mobile MRI on dh it most likely wouldn't have been very informative at all. So, glad it didn't get done and we don't have to pay for that.


  1. I know what you mean about going to a doctor more "out in the boonies" than the big city. I have stayed with my doctors from when I lived in Geneva, which means having to make appointments taking into account horrendous traffic and parking problems. Thankfully I only go about twice a year for check-ups (long may it last)!

    1. it's so much easier to drive and even access the hospital in this smaller city

  2. An animal stressing chickens can make them have blood in their eggs. Just so you know. A guy who owned layers and supplied to statewide stores told me that. Plus, it may slow down the egg production.

    There have been a time or two that I wished the doctor could finally find something just to know and have it fixed and get peace of mind.

    Good for your daughter!

    1. I read it can affect production. I think it did a bit, though I got 3 yesterday. I'm like you, I just wish they'd find something rather than a no clue answer

  3. Sounds like your DH's appt. yesterday went ok. I hope today's goes well.
    I had to laugh at the dog stressing the chickens out. I bet!
    Your going to miss your DD when she goes. ;(