Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Back and forth

My goodness, this is such a roller coaster, up and down with dh. For some reason all day yesterday (might have even started during the night before) his hands are all swollen and ache, especially right hand. He says they've been icing it all day, but no change at all. He was feeling miserable. I've hardly much heard from him. Yesterday morning he had asked that sometime yesterday I drop him off him another pair of pj pants and a couple pair of underwear. I dropped that off about noon, but after texting with him a bit before I left I didn't hear from him for a few hours. Then he texts that he's miserable. He's sick of all this. He sent me a picture of his hand and you can hardly even see his knuckles. Of course I'm texting back replies and try to ask questions...has he gotten any more pain meds today? what do they say they think is the reason for the swelling? he says he can't breathe let alone text me back. Ok......well if you can't breathe you need to tell them that!!

So, I put a call into the nurse and she is busy and they will have her call me back. She must have been in with him, as he then texted that they just gave him some pain meds. Then a bit later he just texted that they are taking him back for images again. I said xray and ct? and he said he thought so. He later said it was just an xray (I'm thinking chest, because he said it was hard to breathe) and that they got some more pain meds in him and he was feeling more comfortable. I had asked him twice since lunch if they gave him any solid food (like dr had told me they were going to do in the morning) but he never answered that question. Just kept telling me how miserable he was.

Finally around 8:30 last night the dr called me back. The xray was of his hand. He said they think it's just fluid and not an infection. They think something to do with his viens and the iv's. The vein "infiltrated and broke" or something like that. I don't know how all that works, but I know the iv failed in his right hand the other day and they had to move to left, then had to move to his arm.

Our neighbor down the street had texted me to ask how he was doing. Even though I text daily with Mr. Neighbor, I had only texted her last Thursday that he was in the hospital. (Mr. Neighbor texts to ask, so I update him, but I'm not just keeping people updated unless they ask) She asked if he was able to use his phone and would like some well wishes. I said he was and would love a pic of his little buddy (her 4 year old). She texted him a pic of him and little baby (who is now 8 mos old) and also a cute little video of the boy saying hi and he hopes he feels better soon. DH thought it was great and forwarded me the pics and video. It was very sweet.

At 11:15 he texted that they gave him some more toradol and also some benadryl to help him sleep. Must have worked as I didn't get any more texts during the night. I'm still waiting to hear from him this morning. Since it's almost 8:30 and I haven't heard from him yet, that's probably a bad sign. I have been texting him in the morning after I wait a bit to see if he'll text and the last 2 prior mornings he was dealing with nasuea and diarrhea.

Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can have a better day today. We are now on day 9. Ugh.

Morning update - after I posted this I heard from dh, so might as well add it now. His hand is doing better but still sore. They have given him some more Toradol for it, but other than last evening, when they gave him pain meds for his hand, he hasn't needed any of the strong pain meds. He's been eating solid foods since lunch yesterday. He wasn't able to eat it all yesterday (probably because he was feeling miserable again) but for breakfast this morning he ate all his eggs and biscuit and did get a few bites of his cereal down. I'm hoping the solid foods and no pain meds means he will be able to come home soon.



  1. Glad you have heard from your DH and he is doing better. It is hard not being able to be actually at the hospital and talking to people face to face. This COVID is making life miserable and unfortunately it is not going away anytime soon. Sending good vibes...

    1. thank you. I just keep reminding him just get through this one day at a time.

  2. I am probably going to irritate you by saying this, but, honestly, it seems like beyond saying "pancreatitis" they haven't done a damn thing to treat the cause of his illness, only the pain associated with it. If I were you, I'd be a bit more proactive in advocating, and, also, the itch along with diarrhea and difficulty breathing--that would have me asking them to rule out blood poisoning, which they won't find with an x-ray of the hand. Also, have they ruled out gallstones? It's been 5 nights in the hospital--enough is enough.

    1. unfortunately, it's been 8 nights..they do daily blood draws. They are trying to figure out the cause, they mention that all the time, but they don't know yet. He doesn't have any of the other "conditions" that would typically cause it. I've been told by 2 of the dr's that gallstones also typically show up in markers from the lab tests and he doesn't have that showing. From everything I've read up on pancreatitis it can take some people a week or more to get over it. It's apparently not uncommon to take this long.