Saturday, August 7, 2021

Saturday morning thoughts

My final homeowners insurance quote I agreed on will save me $75 a month compared to what I have been paying. I'm just going to add that to the extra I'm already paying towards principle each month. Funny, it ended up being with the company that Progressive told me couldn't quote me, at the end. That additional extra takes another approximately 8 months off my mortgage. It took me awhile to get through to a live person with my mortgage company, but once I finally did she was helpful and said she will put a block on them disbursing to the current insurance company on file and gave me the email for my new agent to send over the binder for the new policy to start on 8/23. The only thing left for me to do, now, is contact my current insurance company to cancel the renewal. I feel good to have this checked off my to do list. It was kind of a big one, in my book.

I walked into the bathroom this morning to take my shower and realized I'd better pull the curtain! haha. We have 2 windows in our bathroom. The window on the side faces lot 4.....and well who knows now when there might be people walking around looking at the property! haha. Seems weird having the curtain pulled. I went ahead and opened it once I was done. DH also sent a message to the couple that bought the lot, a year ago, that is on the other side of these 2 lots for sale. They might be interested in the info and who knows, maybe they would want to buy the lot next to them, too (like our other neighbors did with the lot on the other side of them). Figured they'd at least want to know, since they live out of state and probably wouldn't be aware of it.

My pretty wind chimes are chiming in a gentle breeze and the sound is so relaxing it's making me sleepy. DD said she loves hers I got her, that the sound it so soothing to listen to. They really are worth the money.

The past couple days my mouse keeps right clicking when I'm left clicking it. It's getting annoying and I haven't found a solution yet. I might have an extra mouse I can try, but this is a newer one.

Within hours there was someone who looked at the properties next to us. DH said they had out of state plates. No way they could have gotten here that fast, LOL, so they must have already been in the area looking. I'm sure this weekend we will see lots of traffic in and out. It's still making dh mad that that realtor and seller are using more than half of their pictures of the properties with our house in it. Like dh said, when he took the oodles of pics during and after our house build he always keeps our neighbors house out of them. Not to mention the 2nd lot for sale, farthest from us? you can't even really see our house from that lot, you can see the people at the end of the streets house, yet no pics of their house used. Makes me want to send a message to the realtor and say hey, do you want to take pics inside my house, too, to sell your properties??!!

DH is still trying to decide what/how to fix his transmission. He know who he wants. But of course it's just like every other business in this world - 2 phone calls made by dh and the guy still hasn't returned his call. He went to change the engine oil the other day and went into town to get the oil (it's for diesel pick up) and for 3 1/2 gallon jug it was $106. Just crazy how much it's gone up.

We haven't checked lumber prices lately, wonder if those have gone done enough yet, to make it worth starting on our shop loft project. Pretty much right now, it's all dh can do to keep up with the lawn/yard maintenance of having to mow twice a week and keep up with his worrying about everything.

Saturday - house cleaning day and I have some laundry to get done. One neighbor gave me this huge zucchini so I'm going to see if I have the ingredients to make chocolate zucchini bread or muffins, so I can share with both neighbors.


  1. Yes, getting your homeowners switched was a big accomplishment. Congrats!
    I don't think I would want our house used in advertising the land around us. It's just not necessary.
    Can the transmission be repaired or does it need replaced? That's a headache.
    Enjoy the zucchini.

    1. the more we kept thinking on all those pics (like 75% of the listing pics were of our house/property) the more we were like No....I said to dh, geez, does the agent want to come and take pics inside our house, too, while he's at it?! DH is pretty sure the whole transmission has to be replaced.

  2. I would definitely complain about the pics of your house being used to sell their property. I suppose they want to show the neighborhood and how nice it is, not trailers or trashy houses. But, I would complain. It sort of seems like it might make you a target. That is a big savings on the homeowner's insurance.

    1. All your points are exactly what we were feeling, and dh felt it might make us a target, too.