Thursday, August 5, 2021

New insurance, I hope

I didn't get much actual work done yesterday. I made the mistake of trying to get a quote(s) for homeowners insurance. Good grief. First I tried via my auto insurance company (Progressive). I entered my info online. Of course nowadays with them already having access to so much info, they already knew my house value, details, etc. But, I had to answer/change a few answers they supposedly had about the house. it comes back with a quote that is much much better than I'm paying now, but they required me to call to complete it, plus I wanted to tweak the numbers a bit to match what my current coverage is. I call and have to go through basically answering all the questions again. She said it was the only company they use that would cover me do to the fact that I'm in a forest/high fire area. And then at the end she tells me this company can't quote me because something to do with wind/hail coverage. I have lived in this town 5 years and never had hail and we get very little wind, LOL.

I put my name and number in for quotes from some other website and of course then all their companies needed to call me. Instantly my phone and texts start blowing up with all these calling. Some are sure persistent. One sorta local person texted me with her #, from Farmers, so I put a call in for her to call me back. One of the others literally called like every 10 minutes. I blocked them. Another called and left a message but before I could even finish listening to the message they were trying to call again. That kind of stuff annoys the hell out of me, so they got blocked, too. The local-ish Farmer's agent called me back in the afternoon and emailed me a quote. It's $600 less a year than I am paying. I'm going to tell her to set up a policy, but what do you want to guess that she'll then put it through underwriting or whatever and come back and say "oh, sorry, it's going to be this much" and end up what I'm paying now.

A prescription came for my mom yesterday (I changed them to mail to me). I go online with the mail order and 2 of them can't be renewed yet (I guess we got off schedule with when they are all filled, so not at same time anymore) and one isn't even listed. It's one the dr. changed the dosage on to a smaller dosage pill, so I don't have to cut in half anymore. So, I had to call the dr. office and tell them this one is missing at the mail order pharmacy. My mom still has plenty of her meds, as she just had them refilled in June for 90 days, but I want to get her newest refills all here with me, so I can order that Hero dispenser to try out. I want it delivered to me so I can figure out how it works first, before I give it to her. This medication dispenser requires a year contract at $30/mo so if it doesn't work well for her (we'd have to return within first 30 days) she'll be out the $360. I think it's worth a try. Still cheaper than hiring someone to come in daily and cheaper than moving her somewhere else, if it would work/help her.

When I was at her place last Saturday she had yet another partial bottle of Pepcid AC. She had one there 3 weeks prior, when dd and I visited, she said she got from her guy friend. She also tried to have me buy more that day, but I told her she can't take that, since she's already taking Omeprazole. When I saw another bottle on her table again Saturday, I asked where she is getting this? she wasn't sure, she thought from friend, but I also think she probably bought at the store, as she sometimes goes to the store with him. I asked her why she was taking it? is she having acid reflux problems? She said no, she was taking it to make sure she didn't. She is already taking a prescription med for. I picked up that bottle and showed it to her and explained she can't take both. So, again, I took the partial bottle with me.

Our friends we just visited in Texas might be coming to visit for a couple days in a couple of weeks. DH is worried they will be bored LOL. We really can't even take them for drives in the mountains as most of the areas are closed due to the fires. I said if it's only going to be a couple of days we'll all be fine, haha. And we might have company for a night the following weekend. The friends we stayed at coming home from our trip, who live about 5 1/2 hours away will be in our area, for an activity, and dh told them of course they are welcome to stay at our house. One of the things our friends had in their guest rooms was a luggage rack to set your suitcase on, which was really nice. I just ordered 2 of those from Walmart.

Well, enough blogging for now. Time to get back to work.


  1. Can you ask her friend how she got the pepcid and mention to him that she already takes something for reflux? He can probably dissuade her from buying it if she does so with him. We have Traveler's for car and house insurance and it is excellent. I know what you mean about persistent callers...drives me nuts.

    1. I think what happened was she got some from him, then she bought a bottle at Walgreens. If it happens again, I'll find out which apt he's in, haha. She did mention again the other day that they aren't really seeing each other "seriously" anymore.

    2. One,
      I wonder how much about his visits she remembers?

    3. I'm guessing she just remembers the visits, but not really detail about them. Like she can remember she just had lunch, but if I ask her what she had, she can't remember.