Sunday, August 22, 2021

Re planting

I don't know why yesterday was so exhausting, but it was. Maybe just the week catching up to me. DD and I left about 11am to go to the city. First stop was Home Depot to look at their shrubs/plants. Not a whole lot left and nothing in the size I was looking for. DH and I decided to go big as possible, in the hopes that the plant is very established by now and maybe a better chance to survive. We seem to have about a 75% success rate with whatever we plant LOL.

But, Home Depot did have a bunch of the dark stained wood planter barrels I had tried to go back to that garden center store months ago and get and then they were out. I also picked out some fall mums to plant in them. These will go by our front door.

I figured Lowe's was probably same as Home Depot with what's left. Ok, so lets drive over to that garden center store. That's all they have is garden plants and will probably have good luck there. Yes, they had everything I was looking for and in large sizes. I needed to replace 2 boxwoods that died. I decided to try to replace with rhododendrons. I didn't think rhody's grew here! They are very abundant in WA, but I had looked them up awhile back and read they don't grow in MT. Well, whatever variety this one is, does. I'm so excited. I love how they leaves stay green year round and get the flowers in spring. I read it's best to have acidic soil for them so I am going to get some additive, like Miracle grow has for acid.

I also got a large lilac to replace the one dh killed by accidentally spraying with weed killer (and not bug killer). DD found another small perennial to replace the one we planted for our dog (with most of his ashes), called Stairway to Heaven. An apt name.

They had buy one get one free rose bushes (and already at a good price each) and dd has been wanting some for her yard, so she got 2 of those.

When we left there we were starving. Still needing to go see my mom, go get some groceries (in store shopping I didn't do an order, since we didn't know time and didn't need that much) still needing lunch, still needing to stop at feed store to pick up an order.

We got to Wendy's (it was like 1:20) and the line was clear out the parking lot. With how late it was getting and still shopping to do, we decided to not go see my mom (I hadn't called to tell her we were coming). I just didn't want to leave dh alone all day. I will be seeing my mom on Thursday when I go in for a dr appt. We went to the grocery store, which was super crowded, got our stuff and a couple of candy bars to tide us until we got home, which wasn't until 2:45.

At 3:30 we all ended up taking a nap. Even dd's cute little dog came in my bedroom and slept with me for a bit. 

DH is starting to eat more regular food. Says he just feels achey all over still. But, he's always like that and I'm trying to get him to take his ibuprofen again. He said he didn't want to mask pancreas pain if he's having that. I said ibuprofen isn't going to touch pancreas pain, if it comes back.

I think today we will plant all these new plants. Should be too hard since we'll just be pulling up dead plants and the holes already there. DH is also going to have dd do his weed spraying around the yard/fence line, etc.


  1. I am glad your DD is there to support you. I am sure, her presence brightened your days and cheered you guys up. Your DH sounds like he is on the mend. Please try to rest a little bit too.

    1. it's been really nice having her here. She's always a big help.

  2. I've been offline for a few days, so I'm glad to see your DH is home and doing better!

  3. It sounds like a busy day for all of you. Hopefully, your new plants will make it. Your daughter's presence will help things go smoothly for you and your husband.

    1. it's been really nice having her here. Wish she lived closer!