Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Waiting as usual

By the end of yesterday's work day I was starting to feel like I was getting a sore throat, just when I swallowed. Then my ears started feeling it a bit, too. I was super tired and ended up going to bed at 8:30 last night. Feel ok this morning, so whatever it was appears to be gone.

All day the weather report said rain, so I kept holding off on watering the flowers. Then by evening I just did not feel like it and it still said rain during the night. It doesn't look like it rained, so I just went out and waterered this morning. Just was I was finishing off the neighbor who will be building pulled in with his truck and empty trailer. Yesterday afternoon he came in with his truck and trailer and unloaded his mini excavator then left. It seems odd that he would come back with his trailer as I would think he'd need his little excavator here many days, so why haul the empty trailer?

Now we have not heard back from the guy we hired to do our asphalt sealing! Good f'ing grief! DH tried to call yesterday and got his voicemail. Then came upstairs to complain to me about it. I said well, I'd leave a message! Do you want me to do it? So a little bit later he called and left a voicemail that we are needing an update on when he plans to seal our asphalt. The fence guy was supposed to email a quote and of course we haven't got that, either. They are all pretty worthless. And the crew that sealed our neighbors? They were supposed to go all the way on the street to the property line between us, but no, they stopped like 3 feet short (of course where there is a big crack). So, now we either have our guy do that part or be shitty and have him start at our property line, like he's supposed to (of course we won't, we'll have him also do that part, otherwise the street will look stupid with this unsealed gap of different faded out asphalt).

I was just messaging with my dd to ask her for a birthday gift idea for her dh's birthday coming up. She said that she had ordered some shirts for him and it got delivered to same house# but a street away. She even had a picture of it left at their door, so she went over there and the lady told her "nope, didn't get anything" and dd showed her the picture and said here it is at your door...maybe someone else in your house took it in? The lady said "just my husband and we only get Amazon". Liar. People sure suck.

My back started hurting again as soon as I was done working and went downstairs to make dinner. So today I am trying a small pillow behind my back to see if that helps any.


  1. I get sick that way, gone after a bit, but it always seems to come back, and I hate it.
    Maybe the guy just likes making everyone wonder and worry about what he is doing. He seems to have time on his hands. Show the guy who paid for the asphalt work how the worker shorted him.
    Unbelievable! She just stole the shirts. Maybe a pillow will work.

    1. We are using a different asphalt repair guy then our neighbors used. When they first told us they were getting it done, dh called the guy up and said we'd like ours done, too. So he came out and gave us a verbal bid, said he would be back with a contract to sign and weather permitting doing it on Memorial day (last Monday). He never brought out a contract, never notified us he wasn't coming Monday and never let us know when the new day would be. Then the next day the other guy happened to stop by and wanted to give us quotes so both us and neighbor said ok...ours was $1000 cheaper so we told him he could do it, since we never signed with the others and they dropped the ball completely in communicating with us. They are the ones that didn't do neighbors all the way to the edge of his property line, where it meets our property.