Saturday, June 3, 2023

Two more days off

Well, I guess I have an hour to kill, so I'll try to get a little caught up on my blog. The friends that live about 2 hours away said they were leaving their house at 8am this we were thinking they'd be here around 10 or 10:15. Then dh remembered they live in an hour earlier time zone, LOL

The weather here has been so crappy for a week or two. The sun is finally starting to peek out through a bunch of clouds this morning, but weather report says more rain this afternoon. Doesn't make for good outdoor activities or even just driving around.

I realized yesterday I goofed and didn't buy enough cream cheese for a cheesecake, so that will have to be made another time. I've just been putting around, cleaning house, cleaning the chicken coop, etc. Watched some tv shows.

We again had another very low flying little plane go right over our house so he could go along the river very low. Like 100 feet up above. They are supposed to be 500'. DH has had enough of this. In the past couple of years he has a couple of times driven down to the little county airport (7 miles away) to see if he could catch the pilot and ask them to please stop. The first guy who did it often said he did it because he's a thrill seeker and also wanted to fly in front of his house about a half mile down river. He's now dead because of his thrill seeking. The other guy, who we already knew as the brother in law of a friend, said he was just doing it for fun. Well, we already knew he has crashed his plane before. I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of confidence in these wanna be bush pilots flying 100' over or in front of my house. Dh called the county "airport manager" to ask if it would be possible for him to put up a sign or an email to the pilots hangered there to remind them about the 500' rule and to be considerate of the surrounding community's safety. He said he can't do that. Dh asked "can't or won't?" Then dh was making another suggestion and asking well, what can be done? At that point he realized he was talking to himself! The guy hung up on him. Oh hell no! LOL. 

Since it's county run, the next level is our county commissioner's, so dh went to the weekly county commissioners meeting yesterday and gave a quick little speech (public comments get 3 minutes). Our assistant county attorney was there and we know him as he was he one who helped us with our covenants issue with our neighbor. Mr Neighbor has become very good friends with him and it sounds like they speak often. When dh turned around to walk out of the room he gave dh a thumbs up. Dh had no plans to stay for the rest of the meeting (he had a lawn to mow, LOL). He said he got halfway out to the parking lot to hear his name being called and it was the asst. attorney wanting to talk to him. Said he did perfect and gave dh some advice on how to proceed. Later that afternoon the county commissioners called dh and speakerphone and asked him more about it. The head commissioner also told him he needs to come to more meetings, they need more people like him involved. He told them his wife thinks otherwise, LOL. I didn't even go with him to hear him speak. No thank you, LOL.

DD's dog is still sick and still at the vet. His colon or digestive system isn't working and causing the pancreatitis, though they don't know why. This morning they were able to get his stomach full (tube feeding) and will now try some medicine to help get it all going again. I'm guessing if this doesn't work they will probably have to put him down :(  I have a feeling if this is still going on they will not be able to come over next weekend as planned, but that's understandable. Hopefully, he'll make a turn around today. Poor old pup.

Yesterday I ordered this brush for cat fur. Hopefully it works like all the reviews say and cuts down on all this cat hair everywhere.


  1. Since when is "I am a thrill-seeker" an excuse for dangerous behavior? Can a person driving 100 mph down the street where children are playing use that as an excuse? Maybe people will want your husband to run for office or be appointed to a position, whichever it is.

    1. While dh is certainly smart enough and level headed enough to do it, it's going to be a no. He gets too emotionally involved and takes everything personally and it would consume his life. He doesn't (nor do I!) need that stress.

  2. Those pilots are not only stupid but criminal so good on your DH for trying to do something about it! I just saw an article on a small plane pilot, either in the US or Canada, who DELIBERATELY crashed his plane to get more clicks on his Youtube channel! I think he's now doing 20 years in jail (hopefully)!

    1. So far, with the exception of a guy in his hanger when dh went to the airport last week (not the one who flew over us), who dh said was nice, the other pilots dh has talked with (including the airport manager) are all very full of themselves. I told dh to throw in the word "safety" in his speech. Why should our homes and even lives be put at risk for these guys. The asphalt sealing guy was outside with dh when it flew over and even he was like "geeez!" and then said if they want to be a bush pilot go to Alaska and do it.