Friday, June 23, 2023

Friday is going by fast

My worry wort dh is, of course, convinced the asphalt sealers will be a no show today. They said (a week ago) they would be here around noon to 1pm, so we still have a couple hours to wait and see. He's like they could have just texted or emailed a confirmation yesterday that said "see you at noon tomorrow". LOL. Then he's like are probably just a scam. I'm like how are they a scam?? we didn't give them any money up front LOL. So, he won't relax until they get here. At least the weather is sunny and blue skies, so no excuse there.

After mentioning it to me several times (over like the last year! LOL) I asked my boss again about that side bookkeeping job she has mentioned for the non-profit our company is a part of. She said yes, she didn't want to overwhelm me if I was still dealing with my other side job, but I told her that has wound way down to very minimal time, so maybe now that job will get started soon. It doesn't sound like it will be much time each month, but a little bit of extra money is extra money.

So, I just got an email from the lady who runs the asphalt sealing company. They got done early at their other job this morning and will be here in about 20 min. Good! Now dh can stop worrying about that! And nice that a contractor finally is doing what they said and when they said. They have arrived and getting started. At least we won't need this done again for at least 4 years. Dh says he really doesn't plan on having it done again at all, or maybe way down the road, so that would be good (for the budget)

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