Friday, June 16, 2023

Just neighbors

Yesterday I sent a text to our 2 neighbors letting them know about the resealing next Friday. It doesn't really affect our neighbors before us, on our street.........but you know....the son/dil and granddkids and dogs, all who don't know boundaries. "Oh, lets ride our bikes now!" Mostly I wanted to let our neighbors who live down at the end of our street know as they are the one's who won't be able to drive in and out for 24 hours. I also sent (separate) emails to the other 2 property owners. The nice couple who own lot 6 aren't likely to be here, but just in case. Then I just sent a short, to the point email to Construction guy (he needs a better name, LOL) that it will be closed for 24 hours/date/time. 

Anyone read the "Murderbot Diaries" by Martha Wells? (funny scifi books, btw) The main character calls the ship (who can communicate) by the apronym "ART" which stands for Asshole Research Transport. I need an apronym for construction guy ;)

Yesterday afternoon, for I don't know how long/how many times, neighbors DIL was out on her phone and walking. And I kid you not - back and forth in front of our place. Their driveway is just on the other side of our property line. She walked to their driveway, turns around, walks back down to the other end of our property line where our driveway starts and turns around. Back and forth, just in front of our place.  At first I thought dh was exaggerating, but no. Back and forth, back and forth. DH's den faces the front/street so while he's sitting at his desk watching a video or reading something on his computer he has to see out his peripheral vision someone going back and forth 100 times. It's just annoying and rude. The length she is walking back and forth is as long as their driveway - why can't she just walk back and forth in their driveway length? Why? because her 4 kids are freaking noisy and she wants to talk on the phone! I honestly do not care how much noise and activity they want to do over on their property, but I don't appreciate them encroaching on our space. Just rude. Day 4.........Mr was out mowing/doing yardwork earlier yesterday - no help from son, of course.

DH got the car up to the dealer yesterday and all fixed. It only took the 2 hours they estimated, so he was only gone about 4 hours (darn, LOL!).  Between the family from hell visiting next door and Construction guy now here, it's all a bit much for dh. He's feeling a bit squeezed from both sides and then to have the DIL pacing back and forth out on the 3rd side/front, was just a bit too much.

I cannot find my file folder (a real one, not computer one, LOL) where I was putting my 2023 medical receipts. What the heck?! After I had tossed really old files from my file cabinet and made room for all the one's sitting in a stack under my desk, I thought that file was now in the cabinet. Nope. Here I was trying to get more organized and now I'm not :(  I wanted it to try to help figure out this billing I got for medical imaging services. I don't know where it could be - there are no more files hanging around loose anywhere now. I know when friends were coming for their stay, I grabbed some non paperwork crap from my desk/office and put it in my storage bin in the closet, so I thought maybe I picked it up with that stuff, but it's not there either. 

As you can tell, it's going to be a long summer, with neighbors, so I'm going to be complaining LOL. If you don't like it I suggest you find another blog to read. I'm not even going to reply to anyone who complains about my complaining, haha. I've never deleted comments (other than spam) but I'll probably just delete. My sandbox, my rules.


  1. NCO Guy. Traditionally, NCO means non commissioned officer. Kind of 'in charge' but not. This guy sounds like he's a know-it-all.

    No Construction, Offensive Guy
    No Construction, Odd Guy
    No Construction, Obtuse Guy (this is my favorite, because obtuse is used in Shawshank Redemption)

  2. Tonka Man! I don't know if you had Tonka toys in the States but in England they used to do an ad for kiddies' trucks that went "Tonka, real tough toys for real tough boys, that's Tonkaaaaaa"!