Sunday, June 4, 2023

Last day

We had a nice day yesterday. The couple that came over yesterday, we had never met in person. Dh has chatted with the guy for at least a couple years on a message board they are a part of and then realized we only live a couple hours a part. He and his wife were super super nice and we had a good day with them.

We went to a little car show nearby and walked through that. Then drove to a restaurant for a an early dinner and stopped a couple of little scenic spots on the way. On the way back home we made a couple more stops and also took the longer way to try to see some elk and deer where we often do. We got back to our house and visited for about another hour and then they left to go back home, I think it was around 8pm or later when they left. Thankfully the weather held out and we only got a little sprinkle during our drive to eat.

In stuff I forgot to tell you from last week....on Monday when the asphalt sealer was supposed to come, guess who showed up with some piece of equipment?! Ha! it's really too bad they weren't there sealing at the time, LOL. That was about the time we were sitting here wondering are they coming to do this or not, so I texted Mrs Neighbor to ask if she'd heard anything and she said they had to cancel due to weather and were supposed to call us, too. Then I told her our other neighbor had just pulled in with equipment. She said she guessed she better walk down and tell him we will be re-sealing at some point and she did. She said he was standoffish, but then told her he was there to dig a culvert. Well, that was almost a week ago and still no culvert, LOL He worked for about 2 hours taking down a few very small trees (like only a few feet tall) and then loaded up again and left and hasn't been back since. Dh and his buddy were like what the heck? Digging up some dirt and putting in a culvert under where he'd be putting his driveway is like a 2 hour job. But, at least where he did that little bit of trees out, it's on the far side of his farther lot, so it appears his driveway will be farthest from us.

When we were looking at home to move over here, there was this big shop with living quarters for sale. I can't remember how much exactly, around $300-$350k. I told dh no...not living in a shop, LOL. Anyhow it's for sale again, now for $875,000. It's HUGE. I told dh, that's what that guy who owns the lots next to us should buy! Dh said for sure, but it's *only* 5600 sq ft, so probably not big enough for him, LOL. I'm like OMG, if that place is 5600 sq ft then imagine what he wanted to build would have looked like! and sandwiched in between our nice homes. At least where this shop is, he's got 5 acres and no homes right next to him at all.

With so much lawn and having to mow twice a week, dh runs out of space to put the grass clippings. He decided to buy a mulching attachment for his John Deere mower and then will be able to leave the clippings on the lawn, so I ordered that yesterday morning. Plus, it will be less work for him to have to always be stopping and emptying the bags out. When he has room to put clippings in our garbage can or spread them out in non lawn area, he will do that, but mostly he will now mulch it. Mr Neighbor mulches and their lawn always looks as nice as ours does.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm so not ready, but as soon as I get busy working, I'll be fine. But, I am going to figure out some more days off to put in for the rest of this year. I earn 5 1/2 weeks a year off. I've got to start taking it all!! Especially now that I have some help with my work.

I need to get dressed and get outside this morning to water the flowers. I read something yesterday that said deadheading iris's may allow them to bloom again in the same season, so I'm going to give that a try, though not holding my breath. I don't have much of a green thumb. I have cut a couple stems off that are flowering to put in a small vase a couple of times, so I can enjoy them inside, too. There is a house a few miles down the road that had loads of iris all planted out at their front entrance, in many different colors. Ours are all purple. Dh asks why are ours only purple? I laughed and said because that is the bulbs Mrs. Neighbor gave us, LOL. She only has purple ones.

I think I need a new desk chair. The past few months after I am done working for the day and go downstairs to make dinner, my back starts hurting so bad. It has to be this chair causing it. I don't sit all day, plus I have good posture while sitting in it. I am up and out out of it quite often (or at least I feel like I do) but this week was my test, since I hardly sat at my desk at all and I didn't have any issues with back pain while making dinner. But I have no idea what chair to get because going and sitting in some chairs at the office supply store isn't going to tell me how I'll feel after sitting in it all day. My back does not hurt at all when I am sitting here in the chair working. But, I need to figure out something different. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a new chair and not fix the problem.


  1. Maybe you could get a lumbar pillow for your back instead of a whole new chair. Can you try putting a pillow behind you to see if maybe a lumbar pillow would help? I cannot tell if a chair will stand the test of time for my back, either. I can tell right off if it is hurting just for that moment, but not what it will be like later on.
    Maybe you can anonymously send the guy a link for the warehouse.
    Will you be trapped in the house when the road is resealed? If you drive on it when it is done, will it flick the sealer off on your car? I hate getting stuff thrown onto my car when roads are repaired.

    1. I was thinking on a lumbar pillow, too. I used to have one years ago for my chair at the actual office, after I first injured my back. I've noticed though, that with my current chair that I sit up very straight, but I do not rest my back near the back of the chair at all. Plus this chair sort of does have a lumbar cushion built into it, but again, I don't sit that far back. It's so hard to know what is causing it, exactly. We will be trapped for 24 hours when they seal the road. They say to let it dry/cure for 24 hours before driving on it.

  2. Sounds like the new guy has a "big equipment" fetish doesn't it. I once saw a gardening programme on a guy in the States who had the most beautiful plot of land at the back of his house where he grew veggies. But he had the golf cart, the riding mower, the digger and so on. His organic veggies must have cost him THOUSANDS in all that equipment!

    1. LOL - that's exactly why my dh says too about the guy. He just wants to show off his equipment. Both times he has brought a piece of equipment out he uses it less than 2 hours and then leaves. It takes him longer to load and unload, LOL.