Thursday, June 15, 2023

Fired and hired

It has been over 2 weeks since we hired the asphalt resealing guy to do our job. He had said he would do it last week and never showed up and never called. Dh called him last week and left a message, no call back. He called again Tuesday and again, no return call to communicate to us what his plan is. Yesterday afternoon we got the bid from the couple that showed up Tuesday. It was in between the 2 bids, closer to the higher, first bid we got, but he also does it via a better method according to dh. It will seal the cracks better/longer. DH wanted to hire them now, instead, but I could tell he was stressing about telling J we're moving on to someone else, since he didn't show up and hasn't called. I said I would call him and do it.

So, I tried calling the other guy and again got his voicemail. I just left a nice message that said who I was, that we had expected him last week and dh has also tried to call him twice and since he hasn't returned his calls I'm canceling our agreement and we're going to move in a different direction for getting this done. You know he likely listened to the voicemail and we did give him the rest of the afternoon until 6pm to call back, but at 6pm dh called the other company and told them we want to proceed with them. At first they had told dh it wouldn't be until like July 6th until they could get out here, but she said she thinks they now have an earlier date. She emailed later last evening that they can come next Friday on the 23rd, so that sounds good. It's also good that it's a Friday, since neighbors past us will have no access for 24 hours and he doesn't work Saturdays. If they get it done Friday morning, it will be ready to drive on again Saturday morning.

Today dh is taking our car to the dealer to have the warranty work done. They said 2-3 hours so he had planned on just waiting up there. Then yesterday he thinks maybe he'd rather me follow him up there but I said for 2-3 hours he can wait. All's we together would do is wait, LOL. He's like we could go take a drive....still it's waiting, LOL. So, He's leaving, by himself, haha, in about 10 minutes. I also packed him a lunch. The dealer is about an hour away, so between that and the wait to fix the car, he should be gone most of the day. 

It is so gray and dark outside this morning. We sure aren't having much of a summer yet. I need to get a grocery list put together and order placed. I think I go in on Sunday and do it and will see my mom first.

I have 2 more episodes to watch of a show I am watching on Apple tv. My current month's subscription goes to July 14. I just cancelled it, since after this show it's unlikely I'll watch anything else with it for awhile until some new seasons come out, which probably likely isn't going to be for quite awhile. One of the shows I watch early 2022 says season 2 won't be out until early 2024. Two years!


  1. I hope this contractor does a good job on time. Radio silence of the former contractor is not only unprofessional but also, disrespectful.

    1. So far this company seems much more professional. They came when they said, emailed when they said and have replied promptly. Keeping fingers crossed.