Friday, June 23, 2023

I'm just done with neighbors

God, why is it so damn hard to be a decent neighbor?! At 10:30 this morning I sent a group text to both our neighbors that the asphalt sealer was arriving a little earlier than expected to get started and would be here in about 20 min. Got a thumbs up reply from neighbor down the street. A half hour after the crew gets started her damn dog is out running around! Of course (as always) he comes straight to our place - where the guys have sticky black sealant getting spread out. Are you freaking kidding me?!!

So I send another group text (just so Mr and Mrs can see that we also deal with BS from this neighbor, too and partially because it was quicker than trying to find her in my contacts and start a new text just to her) and say "J - can you come and get your dog, please?". She replies back with a Yes! :(

DH has a hold of the dog. He just happened to be outside and grabbed him as he came running into our yard, before he got to the sealant being applied. He was literally 6 feet away from running through it. DH walked him back to the street (they crew had started on our driveway) and stood there for a half a minute (you can't see their house from standing in front of our gate, it's kind of a long way down there that slopes up and bends a bit. So dh started walking the dog down there. No neighbor coming to get her dog. She didn't open her front door until he got almost all the way there. She says "sorry" and dh, word for word, just said: "it's ok - we avoided the catastrophe". Her reply? "It's always a fucking catastrophe in this neighborhood". DH just said yep and turned and walked back to our house.

Again, are you freaking kidding me?!! SHE is the one who was causing the problem, not US! We're just supposed to let her hyper dog run all through the sealant and ruin the $2300 job we are spending money to have done, LET ALONE he would then have run all across our stamped and stained concrete area to get over to the other neighbors dogs (where he always goes) and gotten it tracked all over our concrete. But we're the ones in the wrong. That dog was literally 6 feet from running through the sealant, when dh grabbed him by the collar. The work crew was freaking out that the dog was about to run through it. If the situation were reversed and somehow my dog got loose and she texted me, I'd be out my door so damn fast to go get my dog and be so apologetic.

DH got back and was so mad and upset. By the time we were done talking about it he was almost crying. He's ready to just give up. Just so so sick of it. We do absolutely nothing to get in our neighbors way or annoy them. We keep our property immaculate. We are so quiet. We drive our vehicles in and out of the neighborhood very slowly. When we had dogs we didn't let them run loose. We didn't let them poop in neighbors yards. If by chance one of them did, dh would pick it up! We never let our dogs bark non stop. All's we expect/ask is that they stay out of our space and abide by the covenants. That's it.

I am so done with neighbors. In the past week we've have one tell us they will only accept communication from the men of the property owners, another think it's ok to ride an ATV back and forth out front of our house (and you know if it's ok for them to do it in another couple of years the other neighbor kids, who actually live here, will be doing it all the time then), and another who thinks it's ok for her dog to be out running through our property while the driveway is being sealcoated and we're the assholes for wanting her to not let her dog do that.


  1. OMG! Wow! So inconsiderate. Honestly, there are times it just isn't worth the fight. I'd be moving!

  2. Your neighbors are just down right rude. And there seems to be no recourse as they don’t care. I would be going crazy. Joyce in FL

  3. Rude as heck. Just today I came home and someone on our street left their bagged up dog poop in our garbage bin :/ minor in comparison but it's your damn dog, dump it when you get to your home!!

    1. On one of my local walks (in the fields/woods) I regularly see bagged up dog poop hanging from a tree branch! Like you say, take the damn stuff home with you!!!!

  4. You probably need to get rude and tell the neighbor they cause the problem and sue to have everything returned to normal. Being nice isn't working, maybe being rude might.

  5. I was quiet and lived in a quiet neighborhood--Historic District. But, the neighbors were renters and the house behind me and renters next door. It was always something. Drug house, seven huge dogs moved from country that hit privacy fence when I went into yard. Had to scream to company, kid tearing down my wall, dog tied on a twenty-foot rope to my shrubs where it could get into my yard and would not allow me to get into MY car, trash drug all over and into my yard, beer cans thrown into my yard...endless with some of the people.
    I think your neighbors might have moved where they did because they don't like living with others in mind. So, when you don't like it, you are the problem. They moved to the woods so they can do what they want to do. You are in the way, party poopers!
    Was she talking about your husband, accusing him? I would have turned back to her and said, "I am sure you don't want to pay for the asphalt and concrete to be repaired or redone. I was trying to help YOU! Keep the dog home."

  6. These days where could someone even move to? You could be miles and miles away from any neighbor and still be affected, like you have been, by someone shooting off their gun at all hours or pilots flying too low over your house. I live in a city and am happy if it's quiet enough at night to sleep. But even in the city, some birds sure can create a lot of noise early in the morning, LOL!