Sunday, June 18, 2023

24 more days

With the damp rainy weather yesterday we thought we made it through Day 6 of the invasion ok...until around 5pm, when it cleared up. Then we had a quad going back and forth in front of our house every 30 seconds for almost an hour. We also found out they will be here for a month and apparently when they are here, because "it's our grandkids!" they will have free reign in the neighborhood.

A couple years ago I probably mentioned about a 300 ft cell tower going up across from us with a light on it, of course. Our bedroom faces the river. We have total privacy, so no need for blinds or curtains and the wall is windows and 2 french doors. The french doors do have built in white mini blinds, but we never use them. When dh lays his head on his pillow he can see that cell tower light through the patio door window.

Well last night for who know why, the light was a flashing strobe. ALL NIGHT! What the heck?! I could sit there in the dark bedroom and dh's pillow (he hadn't come to bed yet) had the light from this shining on his pillow and blinking every few seconds. He tried to close the blinds in the door - it actually just made it worse because then the whole door of blinds lit up and was flashing. OMG! Why?!We live where there is no lights so we get to see all the stars with no light pollution whatsoever...with that light flashing all night the whole sky was lit up. So weird.

I got a loaf of banana bread made yesterday and it's yummy. I don't think it's going to last us long, haha.

Well, this is short post for now. I need to get in the shower and get ready to go see my mom this morning and pickup groceries.

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  1. So sorry for the extra 24 days you have to endure Are there any fun activities in the area that would appeal to the kids? May be you can suggest Mr. and Mrs. those places.