Sunday, June 25, 2023

Can I borrow some sugar?

Did I finally get that cheesecake made and enjoyed? No, I did not! OMG. I got out the cream cheese to get to room temperature. Then decided to make some hummingbird nectar and realized there was hardly any sugar left in the canister. Go to the pantry and there is none. I'm not sure how I missed that when doing my shopping lists lately. Oh well.  There wasn't enough for cheesecake but enough for hummingbirds, so they got fed.

Dh removed the ribbon across the street about 1:30 in the afternoon. It got driven on around 4:30pm so it got over 24 hours, at least, before a car was on it.

I read everyone's comments and suggestions yesterday. Thank you for the support, understanding, and commiserating with me. While I've fantasized about some of the suggestions we could do to be equally crappy neighbors, that's just not us, at all. I will not 100% fence my property in. We are fenced in 3 sides. If I fence across the back of my property I ruin my river view. I will not do that. And even if we did that, our big wood gate at the main entrance does not go all the way to the ground. The dogs just crouch down a bit and go right under it. I will say I have fantasized about next time that hyper whining dog comes down here again, putting him in the back of our pickup canopy and driving him about 2 states away and leaving him at some shelter, saying we found this lost dog. I highly doubt he is chipped. I doubt they have even ever taken him to the vet or had vaccines. They don't even feed him dog food. He lives on their table scraps. 

I did get the house dusted and the upstairs all vacuumed yesterday, as well as some laundry done. I also made peanut butter cookies. After dinner I went outside for awhile and cut all the dead iris blooms off. Then I watched some tv the rest of the evening.

I'm assuming the local couple that wants to see our house is still coming by this afternoon. He said he would message me to let me know what time and I haven't heard that they are not coming, LOL. I still need to get myself ready, as well as vacuum downstairs and at least mop the kitchen floor. I also need to clean out the litter box. DH wanted to mow before they got here and depending on what time they end up saying they are coming, he may get to do that.

Well, that's all I've got for this morning. This poor couple doesn't know what they are in for haha! DH gets started talking and won't stop, LOL. I have signals to let him know when he needs to reel himself in, LOL.


  1. I was serious about the electric fence. I was not suggesting hurting the dogs. There is an electric fence that runs off solar power and his its own tiny solar panel. A dog or any other animal will not power through or die. It is just a deterrent. They will also avoid any string that is marking a garden or work outdoors.
    Maybe you could discourage the kids by putting the chains across the end of the driveway. It is something you could put down or pull away so other people could drive. You could also just put it up when they are out. It would not have to be a log chain like most places have, just something light with bits of colored plastic hanging from it.
    I watched people with dogs on leashes allow their dogs to use my lawn for potty needs. I really hated that. One woman insisted I and another woman hated dogs. NO! I hate you! I did not say so. But, the same neighbors who did these things at my house, did these things with various neighbors. Parking in our driveways during their parties was not right, just rude!
    The woman next door spent $600 on a dog in 1995. She threw food in a bowl, had a doghouse as close to my bedroom window as she could get it. Yet, every time it got loose, I went to the road, and took it back to its spot to chain it.
    Previously, the woman had a dog that wanted to eat me. Her boyfriend knew I was terrified. One day, a car with five kids stopped in front of the house and the kids piled out, running to the dog. They grabbed the dog and sped off.
    I was talking to him in WM (nice guy) and the clerk wanted to know how I knew him. It turned out this poor clerk with five kids had her husband leave her steal the dog and live with my neighbor. Drama!
    One day, he got loose for the last time. I was leaving and dressed up and he thought I was his only friend. He followed me to the library and that was the last I saw of him as some people started talking to him. Of course, the woman came over and confronted me, saying I stole him. I told her what happened and she told people I stole him. You cannot win with these people.

    1. by electric fence, do you mean an invisible fence? My understanding of those is they work because of collar on your dog that transmits the electric current to it, so it doesn't work to keep other dogs out, just to keep your dog in. While it sounds good to find ways, like a sprinkler starting up, etc, we're just not those type of people. (Plus our underground sprinkler system has already been installed at it's not at our driveway, since there is no lawn there). We will just keep complaining and let them know when we've had enough.

  2. What about calling the dog catcher?

    1. We live in a county that is 1200 sq miles and only 4000 people, LOL. We have like 4 sheriff's deputies total, LOL. No dog catcher here, let alone any rules about dogs. We just have to hope people are responsible dog owners (ha!) or deal with it ourselves.