Wednesday, April 19, 2023

This is why I have never wanted to be a boss

I think my boss is getting more annoyed than I am with the new hire. She called me again yesterday afternoon after I updated her on his latest chaos of his schedule. She's like what do you think? I said well...he's very unstructured with his time and schedule. He got online yesterday to work just before 10am. His schedule for the day changed twice in 2 hours! First thing I had asked him how long he was going to be able to work and he said 4-5 hours. Then said he had to leave at 1:30 and would be back around 3 or 3:30. The about 1:50 said he was now leaving and would be back at 3pm. My boss said she is going was going to have a chat with him that he needs to let us know his work times and then be there for those times he's committed to. She also told me she's trying to teach him real world work expectations. We also discussed how long it's taking him to work on these, so I think I will have to stay online the whole time he is posting a payment and see if I can figure out what he is doing to be so slow......We're not trying to discourage him, but do need a little more work out of him then we are getting. The work really is not hard at all. Just taking payment reports we receive and in our order system entering the amounts being paid next to the invoice number in our order system. Enter the amount, find the next invoice in the list (sorted numerically, so easy to find) and enter that amount paid, repeat until you are done with the report.

So, I log in to work this morning to see how much he got done and looked at his timecard to see how long he worked. He worked 4 hours. I know part of that time was spent talking on the phone with my boss (she had messaged me about it after I was done working) and part of it figuring out his "new" schedule that he emailed to us. He got 3 payment reports posted. Not ideal, but I had told him to just pick one/some from the list to work on when he got done with the 2 I had assigned and he did get it figured out and posted on his own, so there is that. He is supposed to start at 8am today and work until 10am (then has classes) and then work again from 1-5pm. When my boss saw his new schedule she messaged that she thinks he just made it even harder on himself to keep it, LOL. She said she also tried to emphasize that efficiency and getting the work done is a priority as well. 

After I got done with work yesterday dh said going out to eat sounded good. I agreed. We decided to just do the little burger drive thru place in the next town over. We don't go there much anymore. Maybe a few times a year now. But, our running joke for the past couple of years is how do we go and order the same thing every time and every time the amount is different/more? DH gets a double, I get a single, we share an order of onion rings (or sometimes fries) and 2 vanilla shakes. A few years ago the order total was around $27 and one time it would be $27. Another time $29. Then back to $27. Then it started being in the low $30's. Last time we went (and we hadn't been in quite awhile) she said that's be $40 something. We were like what?! When we got to the window she said she made an error, she charged us for 3 shakes. Ok. So, last night she says "that'll be $40.85". You should have seen my face, haha! We both laughed all the way to the window. Yep it was $40.85. For 2 burgers, one onion rings and 2 shakes, one with whip cream. While it was good food, I doubt we will be going there much anymore. Good grief. A shake is now $6, plus .50 for whip cream.

The cat started feeling better throughout the day yesterday and by evening he was back to normal. 

Due to weather, dh put off going and getting more lumber, but he plans to do that today, now. 

Ok, well it's 8:01 and new hire hasn't showed up yet. You'd think after getting a talking to (again) yesterday he'd have been logged in and ready to go at 8am this morning. it Friday yet?

Edit: I stand corrected. His new schedule for today says 8:30, not 8am. Ok, I feel better now haha.


  1. Geez, how old is this kid? Has he never had a job? All my kids worked while in high school and college and never had trouble showing up for work or working their entire shift. It sounds like he works until something better comes up. I hope it’s gets his act together, but I suspect he won’t if this is how he is the first 2 weeks.


    1. He's 20. It sounds like he has had some jobs/internships before. This morning's training session was much better! On time and he got quite a bit done, so I feel much better this morning.

  2. I realize I'm going to sound like a 'boomer' or old fogey, or whatever. But these kids today do NOT have a good work ethic. I've been in higher education since 1999 and I have seen a slow progression of worse and worse work ethics over the years. Of course there are always the ones who work hard and do good work, but nowadays, they are by far outnumbered. I hope you can get this fellow turned around.