Saturday, April 22, 2023

Saturday tasks

Well, I made it through the week and at least the 2nd half of it went much better for training. Now let's just hope he sticks around for awhile (or at least until we get caught up). As I told my boss, he really is a nice kid, very polite. We also had some time, while online training to just chat a bit here and there, as I asked him questions about his studies, etc. He also seems quite focused on what he wants to do and why. I was impressed. I don't think at that age I had any foresight like that.

After work I got up on the loft and painted the first coat of paint. We are just using up old white paint....well, we thought we had 2 partial 5 gallons of leftover white paint, as well as almost 1 gallon. But when dh opened one of the old 5 gallon buckets it was tan color, so must have been white used as base to create the tan (I think it was leftover from our previous house's previous owners they left there). So then he opened the other old 5 gallon and it was white, but only about a gallon left. The 2 gallons we ended up with was just enough to paint that floor. But, now we need to go to town later this morning and get a couple more gallons of white paint to do a second coat. But at least in painting these loft floors we have used up leftovers in 2 one gallon and 1 5 gallon buckets and can throw them out and out of the way now. 

It took me just about an hour to paint that floor, so now I know how long the 2nd coat will take me today. One more hour, haha! I can do it! Then I have a few more trim boards to add 2nd coat of stain, but that should only take about half hour. I can do it!

While we are in town I'm going to stop at the grocery store and get a few things to tide us over until we go to the city again and can get another Walmart order. Milk and bread mostly. and probably more lunch meat. And bananas so I can make the banana cream pie I want to make for dh. I need to make a little list. Our next trip to the city we also need to stop and pick up the lawn fertilizer that dh applies every May.

Dh won't be able to move a lot of stuff up there yet...he'll do some lighter bins, but too hard to carry up a ladder (he will probably add some pull down type stairs later). For all the big stuff he will put up there, he will have to rent a forklift for a day or two. Some of his stuff is on pallets and he can just lift a whole pallet up there. And to do all that he will need a nice day in order to move most of the crap outside and out of the way while he does this. I also told him that when he gets all his stuff up there and under the work bench he will build and then has all this extra floor space that does NOT mean he gets to add MORE crap! He says he won't.........but over time he will have it just like it is now, where you have to walk through a maze to get to anything.

Well, I'd better get showered and ready so we can go into town.


  1. I'm curious - what exactly does your DH keep in this shop? I know you say he's a saver, but is he really going to use something (after all these years) that is put high up and out of sight? My husband and I (64 and 65) are in the "we've got to get rid of this stuff so our kids don't have to" phase.

  2. Curious-is all this stuff things he plans on using at some point? I'd hate to be shelling out all that money on storage and forklift rental for stuff that will just sit there forever not to mention that eventually someone is going to have to rent a forklift again to move it. My husband is a small time hoarder but fortunately his stuff is small. Lol.

  3. Bobbie and Terry - you name it - he probably has it. Tools (2 big tool boxes), parts, 2 vehicles, a car trailer, race car stuff and parts. A rack of old race car tires (I even tried again a couple of weeks ago to suggest he get rid of those, nope). Part of an old semi truck he thinks he will restore some day. Bins and bins of stuff. Basically 40 years worth of accumulated stuff because he cannot get rid of anything. At least he's organized with it..LOL. I've long since given up even trying to get him to get rid of any of it. it's a loosing battle. He will not use 80% of it and yes, someday either myself or dd will have to get rid of it all. I told dd that if he dies before me I will just be hiring someone to just come and take it all out and away and if he dies after me I give her permission to do the same. With all the stuff he has, there is hardly a way to even walk around this shop unless he can move a lot of it up onto the lofts. With his hoarding, he will never get to the point of "I've got to get rid of this stuff so my kid won't have to deal with it" mentality, sadly. He thinks throwing out a bucket of scrap wood or scrap metal pieces is making a difference, LOL.

  4. I guess at least his treasures are out of your space lol. My Dh worked out in the garage for about an hour this morning and we can once again walk through it. Some of it was my fault. I’ve received shipments of dogfood and chicken food recently and I bought 3 big bags of dirt from Costco. That stuff was shoved wherever it landed, which was mostly in the way. It’s nice to be able to go out there and find stuff again.


    1. That is the good part with dh is that he is super organized and can always find where things are. Thankfully he does not do this in our living space. I couldn't handle being surrounded by so much stuff.