Saturday, April 8, 2023


I slept in almost an hour longer than usual this morning and even then it was hard to wake up. I had woken up around 4am and couldn't go back to sleep for awhile as my back is bothering me but then I apparently fell back sound asleep.

Yesterday mom's phone was still plugged in. I loose the bet, haha. I tried around 10:30, she didn't answer but at least it was ringing. Then she called me at 6:15. She said a "guy friend" helped her dial me, but I didn't hear anyone in the background leaving or anything. She was in a great mood and we chatted for a few minutes. Then she said it was the name of her guy friend from her old place that helped her dial, LOL. Then 20 minutes later she called me again and then said "oh, did we just talk a little while ago?" So, we just chatted a minute. But she seemed very upbeat and happy both calls.

I also finally got a copy of mom's March statement emailed to me, where I was wondering what the extra $35 was for. It was for foot care. I messaged dd and told her and said good, because I so hate feet, LOL. She said you couldn't pay her $35 to trim someones toe nails so it's a good deal, haha. It's apparently not a monthly thing as that charge is not on there for April's statement (they charge the rent and care at the first of the month and add on any extra charges from the previous month). April's just had a $30 extra charge for the hairdresser service.

Before lunch I got the other 24 hangers stained and now they are drying. Then we ran into town to the lumber store for misc stuff. I'm now on my 2nd load of laundry and about to head downstairs to start hanging clothes on hangers ;)


  1. I have no problem with trimming nails as long as feet are clean. I tried cutting Tommy's nails, but they were too thick, fungus I think, maybe not. Although the podiatrist said nothing about that. I think old people's toenails are harder to cut, not sure.

  2. My MIL with dementia absolutely loved having the chiropodist do her feet and toenails. It must have been like a caress which by this time in her life she wasn't getting very often.