Friday, April 14, 2023


It's been a busy morning, but I don't feel like I am getting much accomplished work wise.  I did have a quick Teams meeting with our IT guy.....about Teams...he was helpful in showing me how to kind of work around the fact that Teams doesn't work well on RDS and showed me a couple of ways to share my work screen while on my local desktop. I also asked him why I am set up different than everyone else who works remote and he explained that. Then I brought up another little issue I've been noticing and he was helpful to explain to me why it's doing that (again a remote "lag" issue) and how best to minimize that issue. My boss had scheduled the meeting and thankfully it was with our IT company's best IT guy. 

Just before my meeting with the IT guy I called my mom and she was in her room, so I got to chat with her again for a few minutes. I think she may have been resting/napping in her chair, but she sounded good/happy. Just did her normal chit chat that she always says, just about every call. I'm glad the phone is still working!

I guess dh has lots more beams to get ready for me to stain, LOL, so I won't have a free weekend. 

The cat was hunting again and caught a bird this time. And he left it in front of the garbage can - "ok I'm done with it, now you can dispose of it".

April is half over already. I have a feeling May is going to go by even quicker.

I've been trying to post this (and think of more to add to it) and keep getting interrupted, so I guess I'm going to call it good for today.


  1. At least, you got help and explanations to help you work. And, getting the best guy is great.
    I know you will be glad to finish staining!
    Other people's cats brought me presents since they hunted in my yard, I suppose. I hated the disposal.
    Even though your mother says the same thing each time, I wonder if the day will come when she cannot even make small talk. I don't know.

    1. I'm glad dh does the disposal of the gifts the cat has left us. It sounds likely that as the dementia progresses into the final stage she will likely lose the ability to make small talk, or maybe even not be able to talk. It will likely be much of what she does say will not make much sense.

  2. Glad you got the IT issues kinda sorted out! Amos sure is enjoying the outdoors, haha! I hope you get to relax this weekend anyway even with the staining!

    1. The IT guy was super helpful and also explained why when I'm using large pdf's it's lagging trying to change pages so showed me some good practices and short cuts to cut that down. Worked well yesterday for me.