Thursday, April 27, 2023

Benefits decisions

Kitty seems back to 100%. At 4:30 he was having the zoomies upstairs and down. He's back to his annoying self, LOL and just went outside and is keeping busy. The weather is enjoyable now. 60 today. Tomorrow gets to 70 and then Sat thru most of next week is 80. Wooo!

Today starts benefits open enrollment at work. Both dh and I need to get into the eye doctor and get new glasses. I have never had him on my vision insurance (last time he went and got glasses was like 8 years ago LOL), but thought it would be a good idea to add him this year (starts June 1) and use the benefits. It's only $77 a year to add him and I think between the eye exam and glasses that the insurance will pay some towards, I'll save much more than that, so it would be worth it to add him for the year. 

I was really taking a look at the vision insurance details and seeing an eye doctor and getting glasses through an in network provider saves so much compared to what they will reimburse for out of network. But, I am bummed because my eye doctor is not in network. Originally, after we moved here, I saw him in Costco and he was part of the network. Then I had to see him again 3 years ago when I had the issue with my scratched cornea and he had moved into his own office. He doesn't bill insurances, so I had to submit my claims for my visits to him. I can't remember how much it covered and at the time I really didn't care - I just wanted my eye to get better!

But, for both dh and I to have eye exams and get new glasses that will be costly, so I think it would be better if I use one of the in network eye doctors as it seems we would probably save several hundred dollars. Bummer, as I super like my eye doctor, but that's a lot of extra money to go out of network. 

Ahhh. I just tried to give my mom a call.......back to her phone unplugged LOL. 


  1. Your mom's unplugging the phone reminds me of my BIL. He unplugs all kitchen appliances at night. Many years ago, he unplugged the coffee machine while visiting me, only that it was not the coffee machine, but the small under the counter freezer. Lol! Thanfully, there was only about 8 pounds of fish in it. So, I cancelled our dinner plans and had a feast of fish. I think we had invited a friend of theirs too. Now he never unplugs anything in my home. Lol.

    1. oh geez! I could see doing that in your own home, but not as a guest, haha! I don't ever recall my mom unplugging appliances and such pre-dementia, so I have no clue why her brain thinks she needs to do this now. The only thing I got out of her one time, early on, when she was unplugging her medication dispenser was she thought it was done charging.

  2. There is a deep-seated fear of appliances over-heating or the cords causing a fire amongst older people. Your mother may remember this fear in her older relatives.
    Why would my grandmother twist all her buttons until they fell off her button-up dress--buttoned all the way down the front of bodice and skirt?
    As for the "it's done charging," then I wonder why she does not plug anything in to charge." It is strange the things a brain hangs onto while forgetting other more important things.

  3. My battery operated carpet sweeper is plugged into a socket next to my freezer socket.
    I make sure the sweeper is switched off at the wall each night and that the freezer is switched on.
    It's only a matter of time before I'll get the two mixed up!