Monday, April 24, 2023

Sunday short

Sunday was a more normal weekend day, finally. I did a little house cleaning,a load of laundry, and I made a banana cream pie (dh's favorite). It almost wasn't to be! I was using an easy recipe I found online that uses instant pudding. I had 3 small boxes of banana cream pudding the recipe called for one large. So I grabbed 2 small and removed a little bit to make the equivalent of one large box. I added the the milk (with some cornstarch added) and it was not thickening up at all. I was like what the heck? Finally after about 10 minutes I took the boxes out of the garbage and saw they were not instant. I looked at the remaining (small) box I had in the pantry and that one was instant. It wasn't quite enough, per the recipe, but I made do and it worked out fine and made more than enough filling, with the cool whip added. Anyway - I thought it tasted really good and dh must have - he had 2 slices last night.

Saturday evening he tried to call the guy about fostering the service dog puppy, but no answer and he was busy out in his shop all day yesterday, so he was too tired to try to call again in the evening. He keeps trying to decide if he wants to do it so I told him to just call the guy and get more info and then we can make a decision once we know all the details.

My mom called me again after dinner (though about an hour later than Saturday). She still is sundowning and saying the same things she used to say at her apartment. "I'm just staying here awhile" "will be going home pretty soon" "I'm not sure how much longer I'm staying here, but I'm ready to go home now". I just kind of changed the subject and started talking about my cat, LOL. 

It's rainy and gray skies this morning, but it looks like the weather gets lots better starting at the end of this week. Sunny and into the 70's all next week. 

I am not feeling in the work mood yet this morning, but I best get to it whether I want to or not.


  1. Well, you did get instant pudding but the two behind weren't! I asked a woman to hand me three Kraft Cheddar Cheese medium. A week later, I discovered two were, so I had no cheese. She used one hand to grab three cheeses, two behind being "mild" which I hate.
    It seems like fostering might be something you two would like. I wonder how kitty would like it.
    The sad part is that your mother would probably not consider any place home unless it were a childhood home. No use arguing or correcting her.

    1. That's probably what did happen with the pudding. I'm mad I wasted 2 cups of milk with it! I don't even think my mom would know if she was in her childhood home, at this point. I think they no longer feel any place is familiar. I have heard of people who are still in their homes of 40 or 50 years and want to go home.

  2. I don't know how I would feel about fostering (children or service dogs). I just know I'd have such a hard time giving them up that I don't think I could do it, but good luck to you!

    1. We're not sure how we feel yet, either, but I guess dh can pursue getting more info if he's still thinking about it.