Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Stocking up

Ever since the toilet paper shortage last spring, we have been gradually stocking up. While we ended up having enough to get us through until it started becoming more available again, who knew at the time how long that craziness would last? So, rather than my usual buy a case every 2nd or 3rd grocery trip, I now just buy a case every time. DH said he's running out of room in the shop bathroom haha. He's got the shower stacked, but like I told him, we have oodles of other places to place it, as well as other supplies, when push comes to shove.

Currently we have 3 months of dog food on hand. Though I only have a little over a month supply of the Cosequin DS I give them both. I should probably start ordering extra next couple of orders. I have the dog food on auto subscription with Amazon, so that's easy to just maintain that 3 month supply. Our UPS guy will text dh that he's 5 minutes out, so dh can meet him at the gate. When he delivered Monday he texted "5 minutes out with dog food" LOL.

I just bought 3 tubes of toothpaste when I was at Target the other day. I was going to get 2, but it was buy 3 get a $5 giftcard. A 50 lb bag of chicken feed last me about 3 months and I just bought one and still have probably a couple weeks worth in the bin. I was also going to get some more chicken coop pine shavings, but they were out, so I'll have to try next time. I have enough for 2 more cleanings, so I'm good for now.

DH really needs something to do, but he won't pay these lumber prices for his projects to do. From what I recently heard, it's only going to get worse. It's still way too early for him to start mowing the lawn and keeping busy with that. Yesterday he did do a few "maintenance" type things in the house. Replaced the furnace filters, glued in 2 little wood plugs that fell out of my new chairs in the loft, and fixed my office door. That door has never shut properly from day one. He figured out that they had put one of the hinges on backwards. 

Still quiet/no barking, since they are crating the 2 extra dogs when they aren't home. Thank God! I'm pretty sure if we added barking dogs to the 2 gun shooters, dh would lose it. When we were chatting with Mrs on Sunday she mentioned someone set up their camper trailer about a mile down the road, just off the road on a little strip of (state) land. DH said, oh no. It's probably the same group that was going from spot to spot (they aren't  at campsites) and camping/ie. living for as long as they could and would leave garbage every where at each spot. They kept getting run out and would just move around the whole county. DH drove down there and sure enough it's same camper as last year. I wouldn't have a problem of them camping, but pick up your damn garbage! 

Today is payday. Gosh I feel rich, haha. My checking balance just keeps growing, but a good chunk of it's going away at some point. The big payment to my mortgage principal, and also the cabinet for the laundry room and the addition to the HVAC system to bring the humidity level down.  

I was signing the front (I'm an account signer) of my side job check and then signing the back for deposit. I used to have such nice cursive writing! I even did calligraphy for years. Now, with my carpal tunnel my signature looks so sloppy. I hate it. It was too many years of data entry type work and then years of being a score keeper for our kids races, where the laps were written by hand and fast. Some days I'd finish up the race day and could barely write anything. I'm pretty sure all the race scoring is what did my wrist in.

My mom mentioned again this weekend about writing a check for her rent and I had to remind her that no more checks for that, so it hasn't stuck yet. I'll remind her when I call tomorrow morning.

I need to give my new Home Depot credit card a call. When I applied for it online, it said I was supposed to get $50 off the purchase of my patio set, but it didn't. Maybe it shows up as a credit later, on my account, but so far not. I want to make sure I get that credit, as that's the only reason I applied for it, haha. It's strange though, it shows the order has shipped and in transit, but the charge isn't showing up yet, it's still pending.

Friday is a quarterly online company meeting. Finally, I'll get to join in with both video and audio on my end, now that I have the webcam on my computer. Guess I'd better do make up. LOL!




  1. We have the same problem with some (but not all) travellers/gypsies. Some of them are no problem at all, stay for a week or so and leave the place clean, and yet others are just disgusting pigs leaving their filth all over the place. It's no wonder county officials don't want them if they end up having to pay to clean up behind the isn't it!

    1. Apparently the county can't do anything about them moving from place to place, but you'd think they definitely could do something when they leave garbage and they know who did it. Go give them a citation or something.

  2. Hi there!
    Sounds like you got a good jump on supplies. I have actually stopped stocking up which is probably stupid but after the Covid began I felt like I was in constant survival mode every time I went into the store. I would grab paper towel, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and now I have so much of it I am running out of room. I did the same thing with food and ended up spending a TON of money each month. I think I'm just so over it all... Exhausted from it I guess. Yeah my hubby has some projects he wants to do as well but like your hubby the price of lumber is ridiculous so they've been put on hold to who knows when...Next month I am vowing to only spend on what we truly need and vegetable plants because it's garden season here in SC now. I've had some kale and brussel sprouts growing for a little while now and a strawberry plant but this weekend we will go by herbs, tomatoes, peppers etc and I will pick up some seeds for a fall weather crop as well...

    1. Hi Robyn! That is great (and smart) that you garden. I tried a few seeds last year with no luck. I got a few tomatoes, so I may get another tomato plant. I just never learned to garden. I'm thinking it would need a tall fence here or the deer would eat it all, LOL.