Saturday, March 13, 2021

Happy Saturday

Covid cases are down to under 1000 total right now in my state. Less than a 10th of 1% of the population here. Things are looking so much better. My friend who didn't like my Facebook comment that it was good to see smiles and faces again, when our mask mandate was lifted, has not interacted with anything I have posted since then. Like I said, 99.9% of my posts are not political related (and honestly I didn't think saying it was good to see faces again political - just a human reaction!), they are animal related (dogs or chickens) or dumb stuff my dh does (always a hit, LOL) and she often clicks like or comments. 

It's going to be a really nice sunny weekend at close to 60 degrees. Someone pulled down our street after dark last night, we just saw the lights go by from the front door windows but dh thought it might have been a truck with a camper. Unless our end lot neighbors have company (not usual) maybe it's the new owners of lot 6 are over here for a weekend visit. We can't see those lots from our property, as the lot next to us has a bit of a hill to it.

I decided to go in and see my mom tomorrow/Sunday and also pick up a load of groceries. I want to make sure that the refill she just received, the one that needs the pills cut in half, gets done, before she runs out of what she has left of cut ones. When we have the dr, do her refill I will have her change the dosage so that these do not need to be cut in half. 

DD has been on a roll with finding things for her house that are offered free on marketplace. This week she picked up a cute "floral" arrangement and a cute ceramic owl for her patio. I forget what it was the week before, but it is something from a lady she has gotten other free stuff from before. It might have been a wine rack. I can't recall now.

The 401k advisor for our company plan called me yesterday and apparently when we switched last yar to this new company, my more aggressive allocation I was set up on before didn't move over. They just automatically put me in a plan based on my age, unless I told them otherwise and somehow I missed knowing that. Bummer, I lost a year of good earnings! But, it is fixed now, at least.

DH just said he wants to do something outside today, to enjoy the sun. Not sure what, but guess I'd better go get showered and get some allergy meds in me.


  1. enjoy your sunny day, hope the medicine kicks in. once everyone keeps safe and distanced and your numbers go down, that's the best thing possible.

  2. There's a lot of reasons people stop engaging with different people on Facebook. If she was annoyed, even if you were being apolitical, she might have unfollowed you not just because of your post, but the comments others were leaving on your posts. If she unfollowed you she isn't seeing posts unless she specifically goes to your page. Quite frankly, I have done that a lot. I don't unfriend but I got sick of reading "went to lunch with X, a photo" and then nutheads going off in their comments about "glad she is taking back her freedom", and "careful the mask police will put you in jail" and other ridiculous comments. I have nothing against some of the people I unfollowed but they have some truly, IMHO, shit other friends and relatives that I don't need popping into my feed. I occasionally will pop on and throw a like on a family, pet, or nature photo, to keep up politeness-and still see asshat comments.