Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sunny Sunday

DH knows the guy who's property (extensive amount) butts up to this neighborhood where the gun nut job lives. His home is farther back and dh was wondering if he's heard the shooting and what he thinks of it. He messaged him yesterday and then went over to his place and visited with him awhile. He is not hearing it, so they are guessing that the guy is going down lower to the river (we are all way up high on both sides) so the sound isn't carrying to his place.  All last summer off and on we were hearing gun shots from the other side of the little valley, like one shot every 20 minutes. He did know who is doing that. Someone who is a "re loader" and lives there in the summer. Sure, just come in for a bit on "vacation" and annoy the whole valley of homes around you.....

I didn't realize until yesterday afternoon that is clock change weekend. Well, then it's perfect timing to go to my mom's today as her "calendar clock" doesn't automatically change, so I can get that changed for her. Last fall she did manage to get it reset when I talked her through it on the phone.

A couple trips into town ago I bought dh another large storage bin at Home Depot. Only I didn't realize this wasn't the same size, it's smaller. I went online and figured out which one I should have got and just ordered one for curbside pickup. That way I don't have to lug a huge 55 gallon bin through the store and checkout.

I had a good visit with my mom. I stopped at Subway and brought us sandwiches for lunch. Thought she might want a break from "eating the same thing all the time" LOL. Of course she is not eating the same thing and I see the menus for each week and it's very much a variety of meals.

After I left her I stopped at Home Depot and picked up the bin and also 2 house plants. Gonna give live plants a try again. Wish me luck. haha. Tomorrow the plant stand/shelf I ordered comes so it's a start to decorate on that. I also stopped in Ross to see what they had and picked up a cute turtle statue that will also go on the plant stand.

Got a big grocery order picked up and we're good to go for food for a few weeks again. Super nice weather and in low 60's and sunny today.

I'm going to miss my hour of time probably tomorrow trying to wake up when it feels like 6am. It usually takes me about a week to adjust.


  1. A "reloader" would worry me since attitudes that come with that hobby.

    1. I'm sure there are lots of reloaders around here, but they aren't people that are going to annoy those around them with their "hobby". I'm going to guess that most of the people that live in this area all have guns (and lots of them) but they keep it to themselves.