Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Money in. Money out.

It's a good day to log into my bank account this morning. My smaller 2nd loan mortgage payoff posted yesterday afternoon. There was about a $13 over payment so they just applied it right to my checking account. The $2800 stimulus $ also deposited. And I got the email from my new lender on how to make payments starting 5/1. Of course I'll set up on auto pay. Between that deposit and the money I already have sitting in there to pay for the cabinet and addition to our HVAC system I'm feeling rich, haha. Too bad, most of it is all going back out at some point.

My mom for some reason always has in her mind that we hardly ever talk on the phone on the weekends. She will always say "well, I try not to bother you on the weekends, as I know you are busy and have things to do after working all week". LOL. I talk to her, with rare exceptions, every Saturday and Sunday. I even reminded her, in our chat yesterday, that I came and saw her this past Sunday, she had forgotten. It must be such a strange thing on the mind to not really be aware of time anymore. I was wondering if not remembering makes the days feel like they are slow or fast, but I'm leaning towards fast, because she doesn't have much memory of what has happened earlier in the day.  She is kind of always just in the present. 

Dh hasn't really been doing much of anything the past weeks. A few days here and there he got some stuff done, but mostly he's been doing nothing! He needs to get busy with something LOL. There's no snow to plow or shovel, but it's not lawn mowing season yet. Just ugly brown winter grass for awhile longer. When my new plant stand arrived after dinner yesterday we figured he'd have to put it together, but it was already together and just unfolded. He hasn't wanted to start any projects where he needs to purchase lumber (like for the next loft in the shop he wants to build) because of the stupid high lumber prices.  

He did take a trek down the game trail to the river yesterday with the dogs. He said there is a ton of deer and elk poop all over the rocks down there. Our oldest dog started sniffing and off he took headed down river, along the shore, LOL. We haven't figured out if he's going deaf or just decided he's old and stubborn and going to do what he wants now, but dh had to  go after him, haha. Later, after he was back, we heard a power boat going up river. There is rarely ever a power boat on the river, but dh said it was actually 3 boats went by. From what he could see (because he refuses to wear his glasses) all 3 boats looked identical and the people in them were all dressed the same and had helmets, so he is guessing they were from Fish and Wildlife. The day before we had the annual helicopter low fly over, as they are counting the deer and elk populations.

And the guy across the valley, up the mountain that side, who is the re-loader, was shooting. It's so annoying. Like dh says, the guy shooting, the noise doesn't bother him because he knows it's coming when he pulls the trigger, but no one else does. DH asked our UPS guy if he delivers up there, what he knows. He said usually they just live up there in summer, but this winter decided to stay. They are a mile up a steep dirt road. No other houses on it and UPS refuses to have their big truck go up there in winter/snow and they just can't understand why.....stupid people.

I heard a very happy chirpy bird when I let the dogs out this morning. I think spring is just around the corner.


  1. My grandmother would always complain my uncle never came to see her when he had just been there the day before. And, she always wondered to my mother why she (my mother) never came to visit. She thought Mama was her sister. She did not like the food, either. My grandmother was sort of lost in the past. Maybe your mother spends time reminiscing and does not get bored like we would.

    1. It doesn't seem she reminiscences at all. I will bring up things from the past and she seems to have no memory of them. She seems to remember some things/people in general terms, but no real specific memories anymore. She does seem to know I call regularly, as she will comment about her neighbor lady across the hall, who's daughter doesn't help her out much call/see her much and my mom will say "not like you, my wonderful daughter" LOL.