Tuesday, March 9, 2021


FedEx delivery and tracking is almost as bad as USPS. I ordered a heating pad and some eye ointment from Walgreens a week and a half ago. They shipped it right away. It started out in Missouri, then went to Memphis, then to Florida, back to Memphis, now it made it to my state, but the wrong city/distribution center. And the overnight envelope with my mortgage signing docs is still showing as pending. It doesn't show they received it and it's on it's way to PA yet. Of course, with their weird system that they don't seem to update half the time, who knows if it's really on it's way or not. Of course, until I know, I'll worry the envelope is still sitting in the notary's car.......

Night before last, after I went to bed I was hearing this strange noise. I thought maybe it was something dh was watching on his computer, but it wasn't. I told dh and we opened a bedroom window and heard it again a couple times. He thought it was coyotes. I'm like doesn't sound like them, they yip and howl. Then about a minute later we started hearing yips and howls from the other side of the river. For a good 15 minutes or so there was a whole pack being very vocal. DH says, see it was coyotes. He had recorded both sounds with his phone.

As we left our house yesterday and drove down the road we passed our retired friend going the other way. Later he texted dh that just after we passed 2 mountain lions crossed the road right in front of him! Dang. we missed seeing that by like 30 seconds. Then dh said I'll bet that first sound you heard was a mountain lion calling her cubs to come back and then the coyotes heard and started in. We listened again to his little recording and yes, it was a mountain lion I first heard. They almost sound like a bird.

Yesterday afternoon dh was sitting at his desk/computer and something caught his eye out the window. It was one of our bald eagles had flown over our front yard and landed right outside our front yard. He caught something. Took a moment to get it in his talons and took off, low, right back over our yard. DH got it on video. Three or 4 more more times over the next couple of hours that eagle hunted in that area and came right through our property to get what he could see. They have amazing eyesight to be sitting all the over on the other side of the river and see a small animal!

When dh and Mr Neighbor were chatting on Saturday with the guy down river, who lives 2 houses down from the gun shooting nut job, it's a funny story in itself LOL.

The guy is a talker, all about himself. DH is a huge talker, too, once he gets someone to talk to, LOL, but this time he just decided to kinda be the quiet sidekick, haha. Neither had met this guy before, though I think Mr. had heard of him. He and his wife moved here about the same time we did and do some kind of church in their home (another sign for that at the entrance to their road). The first thing he says to Mr. is "how come you don't come to my service?" Not...hey, we hold a church service here, I'd love for you to come. No, puts him on the spot, but Mr. says "you hold it at 8:30pm. I am in bed by 7". The guy looks a bit skeptical. DH nods and says "true story. now if you want to hold it at 3:30am, he's your guy". Then he says same to dh. How come you don't come? Dh says "because I don't exist". He thought Mr. was going to snort a lung. 

DH figured Mr. was just kinda going along with this guy, just letting him talk and talk, while still trying to get some info on the nutjob and if they've tried to talk to him about it. Then the guy finally asks where they lived? Up river, on the other side. He says "oh you are the ones with the big houses?" DH and Mr. look at each other. DH says "his house is bigger than mine". Mr. says "are you sure? I don't think so". LOL. 

After they start heading back home Mr. tells dh that's the best answer (I don't exist) he's ever heard. He was still laughing. Then Mr. said did you notice the guy only talked about himself and didn't ask any questions about us or what we do/did, etc.? So, Mr was not impressed with this guy much. Then dh said, well the less he knows about me, the better, right?

So, Mr. Neighbor said he will be the one who calls the sheriff on this if the gun shots happen again. He understand dh's hesitancy, based on the 4 years of where we lived before and having to call daily, often more than once a day and then to have the dispatch and some deputies refer to him as "the guy that calls all the time" even though everyone in charge kept telling him to call call call. Then we move here, to get away from that kind of life, and end up with the renter neighbor from hell, that we had to call on a couple of times (the previous owners also called on him often, we found out) and of course this sheriff's dept not really doing anything about anything either. (that's when we got the developer, that still owned 6 of the 8 lots on our street involved, and he took care of the problem). Mr said, even if he isn't home, dh is to text him and he will call and report it, as if he is home. Like I've said before, Mr. also has more "clout" around here, with his job and his tenure here in the area.

DH made 2 calls yesterday. Bald eagles/nests are federally protected. You cannot shoot near them, especially during their mating/egg sitting season. It's also illegal to shoot across the river. So, first he called state fish and wildlife and they can possibly help with the shooting across the river, so dh at some point is going to walk down along the river on our side, down across from nutjob shooters place. If that is what he is doing there would of course be some telltale signs of AR15 rounds blowing out tree trunks or side of hill. They then referred him to Federal Wildlife to find out about shooting near the eagles nest, because as the state person said "those are federally protected! he can't do that". 

So, we'll see. In our experience all these laws and gov't depts to oversee them, but of course no one does their job.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you have coyotes, mountain lions and bald eagles in your back yard. I get hedgehogs LOL!

    1. I just watched a cute video of a lady who ended up with a pet hedgehog that lives under her deck. Very friendly little guy, LOL. I so wish we could have seen the 2 mountain lions cross the road. I can't wait for summer and for all my birds to come back to the bird bath and the hummingbirds to the feeders.

  2. That is really interesting about the bald eagles and mountain lions. I hope you can get the nutjob who is shooting so much to stop. You live an interesting life out in the woods.

    1. I'm hoping that since there are quite a few of us in the area who are not happy about this shooting that we stand a better chance of getting him to stop, than if it was just dh bothered by it.