Thursday, March 11, 2021

More good customer service

I couldn't stand it any longer, not knowing if my loan documents made it to their destination, so I have an email into my lender to ask. This was sent yesterday afternoon, but I have not heard back from her yet. I just logged into my fedex account this morning and finally it is showing detail on the overnight envelope. Apparently the notary did not drop it off until around 4pm yesterday, so now it is showing in transit and supposed to arrive at the title company today. So, he held on to these time sensitive documents for more than 48 hours. Geez.

And speaking of good customer service, I had another interaction with a business's customer service that was a good surprise. I decided to leave a review of the "copper" canister/vase I bought. I have rarely seen any reviews left on this site and this was my first purchase. It's a site called Decor Steals, that lists like 3 items a day and then they are gone and 3 new ones the next day. I'm guessing that's why there aren't much reviews? I wasn't super impressed with this purchase. It was also a bit of an online search to find the item on their site, since it's no longer for sale. I gave it 3 stars out of 5 and said this item is just "ok". I said it doesn't have the copper patina and distressed look as in the picture, more just a solid dull copper color. 

Within about 15 minutes I got an email from their customer service saying they were sorry I'm not happy with my item and could I send a picture? I tried to take a picture with light shining on it, as it appears on their website.

Here is their item:

Looking at it larger, from their website, it has quite a bit of coppery color and patina, as well as a distressed look.

Here is the one I received:

Cute, but just more of a dull solid copper painted look. There's no different shades of pantina, like theirs shows. It does have a distress dent under the handle, but I'm fairly certain it was damaged in shipping, as the box was really banged up and there wasn't much inside the box to protect it.

The customer service person emailed me back and gave me a 50% store credit ($15) to use on another purchase. That was nice and as long as this next item I ordered a few days ago (a rustic metal shelf) isn't a disappointment, I will probably order something else in the future.  This is what I'm expecting next Monday.

DH got the newly framed photograph up on the wall. He's always very careful to make sure things are secure. Finally! We have something on that big blank space! It's been driving me nuts for quite awhile, but wanted it to be something nice. I think we did pretty good between the photo he took of the river with his drone a couple years ago and my choice of frame. Visually, something taller/more vertical probably would have looked better above the rectangle tv, but oh well.

I didn't take a close up picture of the frame before he hung it, but here is the detail on it from the website I purchased it from

I spent part of the evening last night and this morning trying to figure out an issue with dh's dual monitors. It seems if they fall asleep, while he still has programs open, when he tries to start up again, only one monitor wants to wake up and everything that was on the other monitor shifts over to the 2nd one and he can't seem to get the first monitor to wake up (or more likely it will, he's just being impatient). As usual googling the problem brings up 30 different solutions and 28 of those are in total tech speak. One seemed simple.  Change sleep mode to Never. I went and looked at how my computer is set up and it's at Never, so this morning I changed dh's to that, as his was set to go to sleep after a specific amount of time. I'm hoping that does the trick. Guess we'll find out today, LOL.

My Teams meeting yesterday was a bit frustrating, as usual. It's always freezing up on me. It freezes my whole work "desktop". So, then I can't see what's being shown and I have to quickly close out my remote connection and open back up. I had to do that probably 6 times during our hour long meeting. My other issue is, unlike most of the employees, I don't use a laptop that has a camera, so in order to have myself viewed and heard, I have to use the Teams app on my phone, but with that method I cannot share my screen, nor can I see the detail of someone else's report on my phone screen. So, if I am an active participant in the meeting, I call in to the meeting phone # with my phone, for audio only, and then open Teams on my computer for the viewing part. Not ideal.

after the meeting I messaged my boss my issues with the freezing computer and maybe I need to try getting a webcam to attach to my computer to help me make these teams meetings a little smoother. She said they had ordered a bunch of webcams for employees a long time ago, that got back ordered and finally just came in, so she is sending me one to try.  At minimum if will resolve my issue of being able to fully participate in meetings. If it's still freezing, then we will address that with IT.

For the past 2 days now my head feels "fuzzy". Not sure what that is. Yesterday close to noon is when it started. I thought maybe I just need something to eat. I had some wheat bread with peanut butter on it, a banana, and a glass of water, but it continued. It's still doing it this morning. Maybe sinus allergies? I sometimes get that during later winter, but usually the result is a headache that tylenol or advil won't touch. I'll have to try taking a sinus pill and see if that helps.


  1. I agree about the appearance. Is it really copper? I would be disappointed, too. I wonder if it will eventually have patina and wear. I suppose you could throw it outside for a while.

    1. No, it's not copper. Just a tin or aluminum painted that color

  2. How do you get rid of a fuzzy head?
    Your Brain Fog May Be an Anxiety Symptom — Here's How to Deal with It
    Find the source.
    Prioritize sleep.
    Make time to relax.
    Feed yourself.
    Move your body.
    Take a break.
    Make a plan.

    1. I was reading a similar thing yesterday. Could be anxiety over the notrary/closing stuff, but my guess is it's sinus/allergy related. thanks for the info!

  3. Maybe try lightly rubbing some stain on the copper.
    That might give it a distressed look.
    Love your decorating. Kris

    1. that's a good idea. We do have several colors of stain from projects. Thanks for the compliment :)