Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Just in case you might have missed it - the IRS extended the tax filing deadline to May 17th. Even though I got my mom's done (and her refund just deposited today, already) I haven't even started on mine, so it's nice to have the extra time. I'm not sure what is going on with her state return. She owed a small amount and it was filed at the same time, and I thought it would charge her checking account for it, but nothing has shown up yet. I was just looking over the state tax return copy I printed out - geez, pages and pages, LOL. Doesn't seem like it needs to be more complicated than a federal return. And it looks like maybe we are supposed to go online and pay it, so I'll give that a try.

Ok, the weather looks good this weekend, so I think I will have mom here. Even though Friday is payroll processing day, I won't be picking her up until after lunch, so I will just get all my pre-work for it done tomorrow and then hopefully spend a half hour or less on Friday morning finishing it up. Trying to decide if I want to do a grocery pick up order Friday, after I pick her up, or Sunday, after I drop her off. I'm hoping she doesn't ask for her check register back. If she does I'll try to distract her or tell her I'll go upstairs and get it from my office later...and then she will most likely forget minutes later.

While it's not every day, the gun shooter does seem to have a pattern of starting it around 4:45pm on the days he decides to be annoying. I told dh he probably gets home from work then. He shot for about 1/2 hour yesterday, but Mr. Neighbor wasn't home, so no shooting back, LOL. I highly doubt that's his plan, I'm sure he was just venting from frustration. It must be really annoying to live in his neighborhood and especially the people a couple houses down that have horses. That seems like it would be stressful to the horses. Since he started all this a couple weeks or so ago, we have not seen the eagles at their nest at all. Wonder if it's a coincidence. And now we have this nice telescope sitting in our living room pointing at nothing to see. Bummer.

Finally, the past 2 mornings I am back to waking up at my regular time.  Every morning I make dh and egg sandwich and wrap it in foil and he eats it when he gets up. He's been eating this for breakfast for EVER. When he worked I'd make him one and he'd take with him as he walked out the door. For some reason 2 out of the past 4 mornings he says they taste terrible. I can't figure out what it could be. I use a small frying pan that I then wash out when I'm done. The first time he complained I thought well maybe I left some soap residue on the pan. I've been super careful now to make sure it's very rinsed.  I always spray the pan with cooking spray other wise the egg will stick. I got a different brand spay, but have been using it for at least a month or more, so I don't see how it could be that. I'm stumped. I put some pieces of ham lunch meat in the egg. I guess I'll just throw that one out and open a new one. Maybe it is bad.

I've been checking online with my previous mortgage lender to see if the escrow refund check has been sent yet. On the escrow page, I had noticed it showed the next 2 property tax payments that would be due 5/21 and 11/21 and for some reason the 5/21 was showing as the old small amount before they assessed after building. Property taxes statements here are actually due Nov of one year and then May of the next year (where I lived before it was always due April and October of the same year). And I was pretty sure the last tax statement I got in 2020 (due Nov 2020 and then May 2021) was for the full assessed amount. So, why the mortgage company is showing May of 2021 as back to my old small amount, I have no idea. Probably why in December, when they did the annual escrow reconciliation they lowed my payment $100 a month instead of raising it $100 a month! They paid the first half due last November at the new higher amount, so of course May 2021 coming up should have been the 2nd half of that higher amount. Weird.

The new lender, of course has it figured out correctly and my closing costs included paying that May 2021 half due when I closed. 

Well, back to work. I just got a Facebook message from a cousin, she said she is having to have some genetic tests done and needing some family history on our grandmother and any cancers. Just breast cancer, but that was when she was like 80 years old and she had a double mastectomy done. And then she lived to 95 ;)


  1. Unfortunately I don't know enough about guns, but what is a "reloader", I think that's the word. Our property is surrounded by farms and woods were a lot of hunting goes on. That can get noisy during hunting season. We do hear gunshots at other times but nothing crazy.

    1. a reloader is one that makes their own bullets or shells. The guy we have across the valley that lets off one every so often is supposedly the reloader. The other guy, down the river a bit, is just a ass who likes to shoot. We, of course hear lots of gunshots during hunting season, but even that doesn't seem as much as this guy does! And during hunting season it's usually just a rifle or a shot gun, not someone emptying a magazine from an automatic rifle, like this guy is doing.

  2. LOL @ "just a ass"
    That explains that!!

  3. Why don't you contact whoever about the gunshots and the missing eagles. Even if he did not shoot them, he probably scared them off.

    Mama made Daddy what we called a "fried egg sandwich" Where she broke the yolk and spread it over the white. He took one or more for lunch. e.v.e.r.y d.a.y. for as long as I have had memory. He had other sandwiches, too. I mean he took egg sandwiches and other sandwiches at the same time for lunch. He had eggs for breakfast and then the sandwiches. I love eggs, too.

    1. DH contacted the fed dept who oversees the bald eagles...sounds like just more typical stuff where they just talk and do nothing. Mr. Neighbor contacted our sheriff and she just brushed him off.
      I start out dh's egg sandwich kind of like a scrambled egg, with some ham in it. Then pour it into the pan and shape it into a circle as it cooks, flip it over, add part of a slice of cheese and finish cooking. Then put on toasted english muffin, with a bit of ketchup. Pretty similar to a McD's egg mcmuffin.