Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Well that worked out better

We just saved $1000 by those pavement re-sealers not coming yesterday due to the weather over the weekend. Dh was outside mowing and a guy showed up next door (they weren't home at the time). Well, it was the original guy who paved our driveway (and neighbors), just checking to see if we needed a re-seal..........well....your ex wife and her new business partner were here a week or so ago and gave neighbors and then us a quote and they were supposed to do it yesterday, but it's now delayed from all the rain......they told us and neighbors you weren't sealing anymore. Lies. He said it was also in their divorce agreement that he got the business and until he quit/retired, she could not use his customer base. 

So, he does some measuring and gives us the quote and a 3 year warranty, for $1000 less than the other guys. He handed us the quote, we looked at the total and dh said "when can you do it?". He said it's best to wait until after June 1st as it's hotter out and seals better, so sometime in the next week or two. We did not sign, (nor even get a quote/contract) anything with the other guys to do the work. But, apparently Mr and Mrs did (and his quote is lower for them, too. He left their quote with us since they weren't home). Mr happened to pull in for a few minutes and told the guy to give him a quote and Mr will check with his attorney to make sure if he can tell them he's backing out of them doing it. But, since we didn't sign anything, we have no issues/worries with any of that. Dh will just call them and tell them we won't be needing them to do it now. $1000 is a lot of money, so there was no question whether we'd have this original guy do it nor not.

Friends left this morning, but not after we spent last evening planning taking an Alaskan cruise together sometime next year. Well, now I have $1000 saved towards that, LOL.

Today I'm not doing a whole lot. Did some flower watering and cleaned out the chicken coop. Then the asphalt guy showed up and we chatted with him awhile. My plan is to go see my mom tomorrow and get groceries. Then use Thursday to clean house and get ready for this weekends visitors. They will only be here one night, so it should be pretty easy.  

After 4 nights of not getting to bed until 11:30 or midnight, I am taking a nap this afternoon. Dh is out mowing the lawn. But, first I need to get my grocery order placed online and figure out what time I want to visit mom and pick it up.


  1. I imagine he can get out of the contract seeing that she is violating a divorce agreement. They will be too busy defending themselves from ex that she and new husband will be in no mood to fight the neighbor.
    A cruise to Alaska that has $1000 toward the cost will make it even more special and fun...lol.

  2. An Alaskan cruise is suppose to be the best!!!
    I've never been but I know many that have & they all loved it.
    That would be so cool 😎

  3. I've been reading.
    Where Memories Go - by Sally Magnusson
    It's a tough read - a blow by blow account of the decision made by the author and her two sisters to nurse their mother with dementia at home.
    I can understand their wish to do the best for their mother but I began to wonder who they were keeping her alive for - her or themselves,
    They even refused to send her to hospital when she contracted pneumonia.