Friday, May 12, 2023

Quick Friday morning update

 DD and SIL arrived in record time, 6 1/2 hours LOL. Must be that Mustang, haha. They brought me a "Nothing Bundt Cake". My favorite! Have you ever had one of those? Yum Yum Yum. We all had a piece of cake at 10:30 at night ;)

No one is up yet this morning. Apparently the cat decided his "mousie on a stick" was not safe up in my office, with "those dogs" here, and when I got up this morning I found it in my closet. 

I logged into work real quick to do a bank transfer to cover payroll funds that will be coming out and then took care of one email. Then my boss messages me "STOP WORKING!". We have a wide range of emoji's to use in Teams so I did a "rock on" smiley face and said I'm done, LOL.

It looks like it's going to be a nice sunny day. Might run into town later and pick up a few grocery items. I haven't even figured out what we are having for dinner yet. Maybe we'll just go out to eat. I know we will eat out tomorrow while we are in the city, so maybe I'll just get stuff to make hamburgers today.

I usually go to bed around 9 or 9:30 so I took a nap last night while waiting for them to get here, so I could stay up. Make it to midnight. Then of course wake up my normal time.


  1. Just read that one of my favorite bloggers might be taking a break. This leads me to tell you that while we certainly have had our differences of opinion on some matters, I hope you don't go anywhere, as I love checking in on you. Have a great visit this weekend. I'm off to go look up a "Nothing Bundt Cake" recipe.

    1. The Nothing Bundt cake is from a bakery franchise, but if there's a copycat recipe that would be great LOL. Thank you for the kind words! Hope you have a happy Mother's Day

  2. I have made the copycat version of the White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake. SO good! Enjoy visiting this weekend.

  3. You have a great boss. Have a good weekend with your daughter. Kitty trusts you to protect his possessions.

  4. I hope your new young assistant improves next week; it's so annoying when you can't rely on someone to just do an honest day's work.
    I'm sure you're having a brilliant time with your daughter and her partner.

  5. Love Nothing Bundt Cakes. I like to buy a variety of the little ones and they’re all delicious. Happy Mother’s Day! P

  6. This is what I used, and I made a coconut version, using coconut cake, coconut pudding, and coconut oil. I made a half recipe of frosting, as we're not really big fans of frosting.