Sunday, May 7, 2023

Waste of time

Good grief - that was a wasted hour this morning I'll never get back. I was just trying to do a backup on dh's computer (while he's sleeping and I'm not interrupting his computer time) and then do a restart as general maintenance. His second monitor would not display. I messed around with it for an hour trying to figure it out. It is the older of his 2 monitors and he has had this issue before, but mostly it's just that is seems to take way longer for it to finally display after a restart then his other monitor, but I couldn't get it to do anything, other than the power button on the front was just flashing. I have no idea what I did to fix it, other than restart the computer again and then it came right on, along with the other monitor. I guess 3rd time was the charm. Ugh. I suppose he will need a new monitor.

Then I went to cancel dh's electronic subscription to a newspaper. He had gotten 3 months for $1, but wasn't planning to keep the subscription after that. I went online to cancel it and it's one of those annoying ones where they have a link to click on "cancel" and then pops up "contact our customer service to cancel". I recently went to cancel our AAA membership and got the same thing. Same with Siruis XM. It's sooo annoying to me. No, I do not want to talk to one of your customer service reps. I just want to cancel. It's so annoying it makes me not want to ever subscribe again. If they'd just make it easy to cancel, like say Netflix does, I'm more than happy to re-subscribe another time, which I do.

I did get a banana cream pie made yesterday. Yum! Did some vacuuming downstairs (upstairs today) and cleaned the main bathroom. Got farther along into the book I'm reading and it got better as I got into it. I should be able to finish it up today.  I stillllll need to try making bread again in my bread machine, now that I bought bread flour. Maybe today will be the day LOL.

Yesterday morning our retired friend stopped by. I was in the shower and getting dressed to I missed the first half of his visit. I love him, but he is so hard to talk to. You can really only listen. As soon as you start to say something he interrupts with his story or comment. Every time. It seems to be getting worse, but he is also now in mid 70's so could be age, too. Sometimes dh wants to say something (and my dh loves to talk to) and literally just has to keep talking when friend interrupts or he will never get to say what he wants to say. And even if you do get to say what you want to say, it's almost like he didn't really even hear you, because he's so busy thinking/wanting to say what he wants to say next. I'm getting so I just don't say much when he's here, now.

Now dh just got up and after I was done, of course his monitors went into sleep mode after while, well he gets on his computer and the one monitor works and the other is still trying to again. He said it does that all the time and will eventually just start working. His computer didn't have more than one monitor hook up so we had to use an adapter for that monitor, so it could be the adaptor that is going bad and not the monitor. Those are pretty cheap - it might be worth it to just get another one of those to try before replacing the whole monitor.

Time for shower and then upstairs cleaning.


  1. Computer stuff is so annoying. Some days it is like you almost have to wait out the problem. I used to fix computers by going to the house and fiddling with everything I could think of and then redo it until it worked. One guy thought I was a computer genius because I finally got his printer to speak English instead of German. I did not tell him I did not try, so it must be an accident. He had paid big money for computer experts to fix that and no one could, none of his friends or
    What did you do with the two banana puddings that required cooking?

  2. A friend of dh was like that.
    He would arrive, unannounced - once on Christmas Eve when all the family were here!
    He talked without listening or responding but we were happy to let him do so as it wouldn't be long before he would suddenly leave!
    Sadly it was a prelude to dementia and he passed away a couple of years later.