Tuesday, May 2, 2023

A day off

Yesterday I got a call from the memory care coordinator. She just did a quarterly re-evaluation of my mom and wanted to let me know she's at her same level of care, so no changes. That's good and her cost will stay the same for at least another 3 months. She asked if I had any questions and I just asked how she's doing there overall and she said she's doing really good. She said she's very independent, but also said she's the most easy going resident they have there. She said mom also like to help out with things there, which sounds just like my mom. I asked how showering was going and she said fine. She says she doesn't ask her either, just catches her in the bathroom and gets it all started and mom is cooperative. 

A couple hours later I thought of another question regarding the adult briefs (see...I had to just stop and think ei or ie LOL). With her move in paperwork I has signed up to use their TENA program and the cost would be added to her monthly billing. She had a pack or so of depends left when she moved in, so of course we had those moved with her, so she could use those up first. But, boy, I would have thought they got used up by now, so I sent the coordinator an email asking about it. 

I sent my side job boss an email about some questions I had and also told her I have about 6 checks left from their bank account, so was going to cut myself a check for $280 for April, if that's ok with her. I had kept track of my time and felt that was fair. My previous pay worked out to about $80/hr so that's what I used. Well, she just emailed back that she thinks they are kind of demanding (LOL) and I should just do a minimum of $500/mo while we are finishing out this job with them. Ok! don't have to twist my arm! Just a flat monthly rate (like before, only less) is easy for me, then I don't have to try to keep track of how much time I spent each month. It probably really is more than what I will work, but hey, if they want to pay me that, I'm sure not going to argue with them. Not to mention when they do need me for something I'm always available and quick to respond.

How come on my days off I wake up early and on work days I struggle to get awake? It's annoying. I could have slept in some, or at least until my normal up time, but no, I'm awake a half hour early, haha. I'm going to sit here and drink my coffee and read blogs, etc for another half hour and then get the cupcakes made so they can get cooled down for frosting later this morning. I'm trying to figure out how to take all the cupcakes to my mom's place. I have this old tupperware cake thing with a tall lid (well, I think I still have it....now that I'm thinking about it, I don't recall seeing it for a long time/since we moved. I also have a sheet cake pan with a lid that will hold some, so I thought I'd fit the 2 dozen cupcakes in those 2 things and then also bring some paper plates with me to set the cupcakes out on and then I can bring home my containers. In the memory care dining area they have like a bar countertop off to one side, so I think I'll just leave the cupcakes out there.

Last night for dinner I made tuna casserole, which we haven't had in quite awhile. I also reheated those dinner rolls I made the night before. They were really good and dh liked them too, so I will probably make those again, though I have to plan ahead to make sure I get them out of the freezer a few hours before needing to put them in the oven, so they have time to thaw and rise.

I didn't finish getting this post done earlier, so now the cupcakes are made and cooling, waiting to frost. I must have taken that tupperware cake thing with lid to goodwill way back when we moved as it's not around anywhere and I honestly can't remember seeing it in years. But, I have 2 large containers with lids that should hold all the cupcakes I ca


  1. It is good to hear your mother is the most agreeable person there. But, I remember the time your mother sassed you on camera after you had hung up. That was hilarious.
    I laughed at your ie confusion. I have been studying these things since I was in the sixth grade. Grammar and punctuation were so easy the first time I ever heard it. But, other subjects, not so much.
    You really have a generous boss.
    I have never gotten rid of even one piece of Tupperware. Now, they have a pie taker that I believe will hold cupcakes. But, don't take my word for that. I have one but never make cupcakes.

  2. i before e except after c.
    That's what was drummed into my head.
    I'm glad your mom is doing so well at memory care.
    Happy Birthday to her. :)
    The cupcakes will be a big hit!

  3. She does seem a nice lady, your mother, and its nice that the care unit thinks so too.
    I remember those comments she made when you rang off that time as well!
    A tray of cupcakes for people to enjoy is a lovely idea. If one resident wants five or six and another one doesn't want any this will be the best solution.