Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Forklift Tuesday

The delivery of the rental forklift is late, by an hour so far. They were supposed to be here at 10:30 and then supposed to pick it up Thursday at 10:30, so hopefully they are then late picking it up, so that dh gets the full rental time, especially since it's so expensive. I could see being 15 or 20 minutes late, but not an hour - that means they didn't even leave until they were supposed to be here. And by the time they get here the rain expected this afternoon will probably have started. And yep, he just pulled up and it started raining, LOL. Hopefully he can get in unloaded and dh can get it in the shop before it's raining too hard.

Did I mention my dd got another promotion and raise? Because of her getting her masters degree they bumped her up to a level 4 in her job.

Well, the rental place just called for directions and said he's about 10 miles away. Dh isn't too happy, of course. He had plans to get a certain amount done today. We did get the cabinet I ordered for his den delivered first thing this morning, so at least that is now here and was even a couple hours earlier then they said. We haven't unboxed it yet because he was expecting the forklift to get here.

My cat no longer needs to be carried upstairs and shut in my office at night anymore, LOL. And he's finally not making a fuss for an hour after I go to bed. His new sleeping spot the past week or two is in the rocking chair in our bedroom. Though he often gets up around 5:30 and you can hear him doing zoomies upstairs, LOL. Then he comes back and goes to sleep in the chair. He will not sleep on the bed, but if it's during the day and I'm taking a nap, he is right there so sleep next to me. Weird cat. He was just laying on the window ledge for a bit. Got up, walked across my desk, knocked my pen off the desk and went on his way.

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  1. I would note the time aloud to the delivery person, call the place who sent him and say you assume you will be having it for a full 24 hours, repeating the time for tomorrow. If you are finished, maybe they will pro-rate the cost if they pick it up earlier than your 24 hours is up.
    That is great that her education is paying off in bucks.
    Why the change in kitty, I wonder.