Monday, May 22, 2023

Busy weeks ahead

After several days of nice and hot weather, we got some thunder and lightning last evening and then rain. It's still raining this morning, but that's ok. Less watering with the watering can LOL And the rain got rid of all the smoke and bad air quality we've been getting from the Alberta fires.

I made a quick trip to the city yesterday morning. I left at 9:30 and decided to stop at the grocery store first for just a few things. I wanted more salmon and dh has been wanting some ruffles chips to go with his cheeseburgers he's been having for dinner. I was in and out of there quick and then got over to my mom's at 10:40. I found her sitting in the lounge area, where she had apparently just had her nails painted a pretty light blue and was sitting there letting them dry. We had a nice visit for about 35 minutes. I had brought some boxes of tissue for her, so at one point I took those to her room. By 11:15 they are starting to head to their dining area for lunch, so I walked her to there and then left. For once she didn't keep asking if I was staying for lunch. But, of course, it was pretty much the same conversations cycle for the 35 minutes. 

I then went to Home Depot. Ugh it was so crowded in the garden center. I'm so glad we got that all done last Thursday evening. But we wanted some saucers to go under 4 pots and then had decided he didn't think the hanging baskets I got for the front porch were colorful enough. (they were yellow and white flowers). He said he likes the ones with the purples and reds, etc. So, as I'm walking into the garden center I see these big hanging baskets of purple petunias (and some other purple flower mixed in) for only $24 ea. For the size these were that is a great price, so I got 4, got the saucers and one more bag of potting soil. I think I was out of there in 15 minutes and headed home. Plus I was getting hungry for lunch.

After I got home Mrs Neighbor sent a text to our neighborhood group that on Memorial day they are having the entrance to our street (where there property is) and their driveway resealed, so the road will be unusable for 24 hours and we can park on their first lot if we need to get in and out. DH then decided if they are sealing the first part of our street, up to our property line, ours needs it too. So he called the guy doing it and he came out a couple hours later to qive us a quote to do the part of the street in front our property and our driveway. So, now we are getting ours done, too. I hadn't budgeted for this, of course, but neighbors said they do it every 4 years, so we will do ours on the same schedule as having the company out here at the same time saves us money. And now I know to start saving for 4 years. 

And of course we will have our guests here memorial weekend, so having it done that day isn't the most convenient, if we wanted to go somewhere, but we'll figure it out. And like Mrs said, when I called her to get some info on what exactly they were having done and by who, is there really any good day to do this?! No, not really LOL. I didn't say to her it wasn't a good day at all, she just said that. I didn't even mention we are having company.

As I'm thinking we are going to be busy when our friends get here next Friday, through Thursday, and then 2 weeks after that DD and SIL are coming over again for a weekend, dh asks me last night if a friend of his and his wife can come the weekend in between. Well, of course, but that will be a busy 3 weeks!

Dh is taking the car to the dealer this afternoon. He's really hoping it can be fixed then and not taken back for another appointment, but I doubt it. He's using a dealer in a smaller town north of us, not the one in the city, so if nothing else it's a very nice drive up there. We used to use the vet in that town, but after the vet retired and sold it, the new vet was only open like 2 days a week, plus if it was something where we needed to leave the pet for a few hours, there was really nothing for us to do there, other than wait 3 or 4 hours. It was an hour home and and hour back, so not worth doing that either. So, I switched back to using a vet in the city, so at least if we had to leave the pet there, we could do shopping/errands, visit mom, etc. Plus it's only 40-45 min to city, not an hour.

DH decided to try some driftwood logs and pieces along the other side of our street, to keep the idiots from driving through our grass to get back out to the main road, like one or two did last summer. He had found a few small ones, but needed more. Well, the other day he was down at the end of our street talking to the neighbor down there and noticed on the vacant lot next to them 2 big piles of trunks and logs. The owner of this lot have not built yet. They are nice and not the jerk with the 2 lots in between us. DH called him up to ask if he was doing anything with those piles and could he take some of the pieces, if not. He said take any of it, he just plans to burn it eventually. So dh took his pick up down there and loaded up a couple of times and lined the other side of the road with logs and driftwood type pieces. If that doesn't keep the idiots from driving through, nothing will. It's not fishing season yet, but once the river is down, it will start up soon and the boat launch will be full and people trying to find somewhere to turn around a truck with a boat trailer. Last year we also put a sign at the entrance to our private, dead end street, that says Private Road No Outlet.




  1. Your mother seems very content at the memory care unit, now her forever home.
    There seems to be a calm atmosphere about the place and yet she is getting gentle personal care, for example having her nails freshly painted. You chose well.

    1. The place really does have a very calm atmosphere. I was looking at their website one day last week and came across a video about the memory care area and it even said they have the lighting set up to provide calmness.