Monday, May 15, 2023

The fun weekend

It was a fun weekend. DH and I decided we are getting old, LOL. We were both exhausted after they left yesterday. I said can you imagine doing all that if we had grandkid(s) too? haha. I don't know how our neighbors (she's 72 and he's 67) do it with 4 young grandkids visiting and for like a week! I'd be so worn out, haha.

Mornings weren't a rush, which was nice. But they are both also used to getting up early, so I think they were up by 8 or 8:30. They brought their 2 dogs, who are good for the most part. Their older dog is a corgi and he is pretty grumpy and also has anxiety so he can suddenly just start barking because he heard something. Plus when he's grumbling he sounds exactly like the Tasmanian Devil from the old cartoon. 

Friday we packed a lunch and took a drive of about an hour and a half or so and visited an old, pretty intact, ghost town. That was fun. We all enjoy history type stuff and we got quite a bit of walking in for that. We got back into the city at dinner time, so we stopped at our new favorite steakhouse. The food is excellent. My only complaint is it is a very noisy place and kind of hard to talk. of the times were were there before, when dh tried a bite of my cheesecake, for the first time ever in his life, he liked it. When it came time for dessert I said, well if we didn't have cake at home to eat, I'd get cheesecake. He said "what?! I want cheesecake too!". So we got a cheesecake with caramel and dd and sil took a different dessert and we had them packed up to go, so we could eat them later. I had tried for 40 years to get dh to try cheesecake and he would never try it. I had to split the small slice with him and said man....I should never have gotten you to try it - now you eat my cheesecake!

Saturday morning we left around 11:30 go to visit my mom. We made some sandwiches to go and ate on the way to the city. First we stopped at the grocery store and dd got her some flowers and I got her some chocolate. We also picked up a small bouquet for dh's mom's cemetery marker. We got to my mom's around 12:45. She was doing well, but she always looks a bit more tired now. I really don't think she had a clue who dd was anymore. But, she enjoyed our visit and we stayed about an hour. I could tell she was getting tired near the end of our visit because every 30 seconds her question was "now where are you guys staying tonight?" I would say we are driving back home to stay and then she'd ask "how far away do you live?". Then she wanted to write me a check to pay for our gas, LOL.

Then we went to the Veteran's cemetery where dh's parents cremated remains are and left the flowers. DH has 2 brothers who live in the city. We leave flowers there, usually a couple times a year, but have never seen any other flowers, so obviously his brothers never do.  

We were near a historic place to do a tour and since we'd never been there we decided to go to that. Again, good history and lots of walking. When we got done it was near dinner time so we just ended up doing McDonalds drive through. Then dh decided to take a back road home. Well goodness, it really was a back road - it took us 2 1/2 hours to get home instead of 45 minutes, LOL. 

Saturday evening we just visited and watched a little tv. Sunday we just relaxed until they left around 1:30 in the afternoon. We made blueberry muffins for breakfast. For Mother's Day I got some nice gifts: coffee, chocolate, a nice wicker wastebasket for my closet and some new hummingbird feeders. It was so funny as we were sitting there at the dining room table a hummingbird came up to one of the dining room windows. Ok ok! I'll get the feeders out!

Here's an interesting coincidence. As we are taking that back road out of the city we pass this place that is a dog kennel/training place. We realized from the name it was the place that our neighbor told us about for fostering the service dog. A couple weeks ago dh had tried to call the owner to get more info, but he got a recording and didn't leave a message and then kind of decided he probably didn't want to do it, so he didn't call back. 

Back when I first met dh (40 year ago) he had a German shepherd dog and had her bred for puppies. Only 2 made it and he sold one and kept one. The puppy was only a couple months old when we met. I don't remember what happened to the mom dog, but I know she stayed with dh's parents. Dh had the puppy at his duplex apartment. He moved home for about a year to save money when we were engaged. After we got married we took the puppy (now not a puppy) to live with us. Anyway.......dh just woke up this morning and remembered that this momma German shepherd he had came from this same dog kennel/breeder! 40+ years ago! 

We were both tired after they left yesterday. I took a nap and the cat was happy to have his house back to himself and took a nap with me :) My mom called in the afternoon and while she sounded good she had no idea it was Mother's Day and did not at all remember we had just been there the day before.


  1. It sounds like you had a very good weekend. It is too bad your mother did not recognize her own granddaughter. It is funny your husband like cheesecake after so many years rejecting it. That really cuts into your cheesecake eating. It is amazing how he remembered the kennel after so many years and a nap.

  2. Years ago I made a cheesecake. My kids were young and their friends were always stopping over so they hung out in the top bedroom. I called to the kids that I'd made cheesecake and the French kids were HORRIFIED at the idea of a g√Ęteau au fromage!!! HORRIFIED. So I thought, good, I'll have some later. 10 minutes later they must have tried it because they came running into the kitchen and I got bugger all for dessert!