Monday, May 8, 2023

Another week started

I'm am not ready for it to be Monday this week. Oh well, what ya gonna do?! It is what it is. I think this week is going to go by fast, too, though. DH will be busy for a couple days, starting tomorrow. He is having a rented forklift delivered in the morning and will have it to use until they come back and pick it up later Thursday morning. This part of the "project"will really make a difference in how his shop looks and his available floor space. He "says" he will then start going through bins and stuff and start selling stuff off he doesn't need anymore.....sure he will.......he's been saying that for 7 years, LOL andthen always another excuse as to why he doesn't.

Tomorrow we are also supposed to get the delivery of the matching cabinet (matches his desk) I ordered from Pottery Barn. That delivery company was at least good enough to tell him it would be mid to late morning when they deliver. From that purchase I have $90 in rewards credit to use at Pottery Barn or (I think, I need to double check) one of their affiliate stores. I have no idea what to get! I'm thinking if I can use it at Williams and Sonoma I'm going to get something kitchen related, like new frying pan(s). I really like the 2 Calphalon pans I got awhile back, at TJ Maxx. One is a big deep skillet with a lid and the other is a small frying pan. I really need a 10 in fry pan and even a regular sauce pot, like for soup, would be nice. I have a cheap set of pots.

And of course I made no bread yesterday, either, LOL. I ended up going out to the shop and staining that last box of 24 wood hangers. So now I am all done with that. I did make some dinner rolls, though. I made 7 (they are frozen rolls you have to thaw and let rise) and ate one, but will use the remaining 6 to reaheat and use with dinner tonight. DH was working out in the shop so he didn't come in for dinner until like 6:45pm, so I just made some eggs and toast and saved the rolls to use tonight.

I had ordered several t-shirts and some socks from Kohl's last week and those arrived today. I'm good now for shirts and can relegate a few old ones to rags now. I got my new tennis shoes last week....and while they are cute I didn't realize they have the "fake" laces, which never work for me. I have narrow feet and need laces so I can get the shoe to fit a bit better. I decided to keep them and ordered some tan colored laces, so I'm hoping those will work. I'll just cut out the fake ones. At least I hope that will work.

Ok, I guess that's all I know new for now.

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  1. After the weekend, I was not prepared for today or this week, either. Maybe your husband will surprise you this time. Sometimes, Tommy surprises me. He will probably have fun with the fork lift. It sounds like fun to use.
    You are getting lots of nice things and perks to get more. How fun to get things free.
    I wish I had some yeast rolls.