Saturday, December 12, 2020

Seating and chats

Finally! My loveseat I ordered back at the beginning of November has shipped. It's on the scenic route to get here, apparently, as it's estimated to deliver between the 22nd and 31st. I am so ready to get that piece of furniture added up in my loft sitting area. I'm probably at some point soon going to order a little side table to go next to the chair and a table lamp to stand behind the chair and a throw blanket for the loveseat. I'm still contemplating putting "cow" print pillow covers on the throw pillows, but going to wait and see how I feel once the loveseat is here.

I got a Facebook message from my cousin yesterday, asking for my address. We chatted a little bit. She moved to the east coast about a year ago, to be near her hubby's parents, so big change for her and her hubby, too. They retired early. She's a year younger than me, so not really sure what she does with her time now, but glad she's enjoying it. I honestly think I might be a bit bored to be retired already, so I guess it's a good thing I love my job and don't mind to keep working quite a while longer.

I totally lost (or was it gained?) and hour yesterday afternoon! Oh my. When I am logged into my work desktop it's an hour earlier than where I live. Sometimes I have my home desktop open on one monitor and work on the other (though usually work is on both). Somehow I looked at my personal time on the corner of my monitor and thought it was my work time and thought it was quitting time, so I logged out, went downstairs, fed the dogs, cleaned some dishes up. DH was on the phone with a friend, so I didn't start dinner. I sat down in the recliner for a bit and was looking at my phone and it says 4:20....what?! LOL. Ooops. Oh well.  

We got a little bit of snow last night, so now of course dh thinks he has to drive me to the city later this morning to pick up my grocery order. I had hoped to have a bit of time to at least stop at Ross or Michaels to browse for a little bit (still looking for house decor I might like) but he's not going to want to sit in the car waiting on me, so bah! Plus, he's been craving a cheeseburger and fries from McD's or Wendys, which he hasn't had in months, so that's what we will drive thru and get for lunch. I will have to stop at another grocery store Walmart didn't have any frozen turkeys. Well, they had a Jenni-O brand, but the weights said between 16 and 39 pounds.......and since they pick out what's in your order, my luck I'd end up with a 39# turkey I don't want! I don't even want 16 pounds. I'd prefer about 12 or 13, so hopefully Albertson's has some. Last time I was in there, it was so busy and crowded. I'm not looking forward to having to go in again.

Our new Christmas lights arrived the other day and dh got put up. He's always wanted lights that looked super straight, LOL. Of course now he wants more and of course they are out of stock. I will try to add more during the year for next year.

DH got on the phone with an old friend yesterday......for 7 1/2 HOURS! Seriously! LOL. They talk about once a year or so. I said if you guys talked more often you wouldn't need to spend a whole day to catch up! I don't even want to spend 7 1/2 minutes talking on the phone. I can't imagine hours and hours. He needs to get out more, LOL. This guy is one of his ex-employees. DH was always good about being friends with his employees....which wasn't really good for his business. But, even though it's been 15 years since he had employees, he still has 2 of them who he is good friends with and kept in touch.

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