Sunday, December 27, 2020


Just having my mom here 2 nights and 3 days was the right amount of time. (plus Wednesday and Saturday were half days, LOL). I got her back to her place at 2 yesterday afternoon. I thought I was being smart this time and when we got off the freeway (5 min from her place) I told her to start looking in her purse for her keys and mask. Every time I bring her back to her place (even if we just went shopping) she cannot find her keys in her purse that has about 5 or 6 zipper pockets. She will end up zipping and unzipping 3 times to finally find them (or they ended up in a pocket). 

She could not find the keys or her mask. Last time I dropped her off at Thanksgiving, they were in her suitcase, so when we got pulled up to her place, we looked in her bag she had brought this time and nope. I opened each zipper in her purse and did not see them. I know she had the mask on when I picked her up! I figured she must have just left her keys in her apartment, as you can lock the door when you are leaving without the key. So, I gave her my set of keys I have for her apartment and an extra mask I had in my purse. She did later find the keys in her purse, they had apparently got kind of tucked under the lining or something. 

Note to self: find all this BEFORE we leave my house next time...........

DH always find unique gifts to give me. He got me a neat metal art of Montana with all the rivers. It's in copper finish and perfect for the big blank wall along the kitchen area I've been trying to figure out what to put there. He also got me 3 puzzles where he took pictures he had taken of our house/property (with his drone) made into 500 piece puzzles. The best gift was a boot brush/scraper LOL. I was so excited when I started opening it and saw what it was. No more chicken poop on my boots/shoes! LOL. We all got a good laugh over that. He got me a few Christmas ornaments and another "book snow globe". He also had one of his really good drone shots of the river in winter (taken a couple years ago) blown up into a big print. We think we will get a frame and use this for above the tv/over the fireplace area that really needs something up there for decor. Now, I just have to find a good frame I like.

DD/SIL got me a nice light flannel shirt, some coffee, and  neat cribbage board that is on a moose antler (though not real, it's made of resin). It will look neat up in the bonus room, when we got it done one of these days. Mom gave us a card with a check/$, so that was nice. I think I'm going to use mine to buy some lamps for one of the guest rooms and a lamp for the loft sitting area. (Speaking of loft area, my loveseat still hasn't arrived, even though it supposedly shipped on Dec 11th)

We had given my mom a hat and scarf and the subscription to tv guide. DD got her some more crossword puzzle books and a calendar. In her stocking I had put some scratch off lottery tickets, cookies and dh had put some chocolates, when he was doing his stocking stuffing. With the items on the coffee table, where she was sitting, she couldn't seem to remember these were her things given to her. I was kind of surprised she had no recollection of what scratch off lottery tickets were. I thought she might enjoy them again, but she really didn't understand at all what they are. She asked how long they had been around and I said oh, I'm not sure, probably a good 25 years or more now.

Except even dh and I didn't really enjoy the scratch off. They are hard to figure out LOL. I can't tell if they won or not, though I know one did win $2. I think I'll just take them all in to be scanned to make sure I didn't miss finding a word in the crossword puzzles. 

I started one of the puzzles before taking mom back which gave us something to do for awhile. Then just before we were leaving dh started to help. I get back 2 hours later and he has it half done, haha. We worked on it together in the evening for awhile. I got up this morning and he had all done but the all blue sky pieces. He said that's my part to do. LOL.

We had given dd a pair of nice winter boots she had mentioned she wanted. I asked her what she got from her dh and one of the things were boots. I asked "winter style?" but thankfully no, he got her cowgirl boots :)

Well, my plans for the whole next week involve a bunch of relaxing and doing nothing! I now have 2 books downloaded from the library to read, so I should be set for the week.


  1. I am glad you had a good visit with your mother. Your husband is a good gift picker-outer. I agree you should get keys and mask found before you leave your house. That kind of searching drives me nuts. That was really sweet that he left a piece of blue sky for you. WOW!

    1. He is a good gift picker-outer! Many years ago, when we were first married he would have his mom pick out/buy his gifts to me. UGH! They were awful, never fit, etc. Finally I told him either he picks out a gift himself or just don't get me anything, LOL.