Monday, December 28, 2020

A new neighbor

The first bit of news is our neighbors did have their baby girl on Christmas morning! The new mom texted a few pics yesterday of the baby. She is adorable and they are all home and doing well. Her middle name is Noelle. Very sweet and perfect. 

Yesterday was super relaxing for me. I also talked on the phone with my half sister a couple of times. I'm helping her figure out a better way to do her step dads books for his ranching business. His accountant sent her a spreadsheet to try and track all his expenses on, but she doesn't know how to use excel. After she explained to me what she does/needs to do I said it sure sounds like Quickbooks would be the best route. She is a little familiar with that, as she uses it for her boyfriends business to do invoices and a few things. She just didn't know how to get a new company set up and all the accounts created. She was able to fairly quickly get the company set up and added expense categories she would need that weren't already listed. Now she just has to enter all last years transactions! have fun, LOL.

We hardly ever talk on the phone, but we do text quite often, but it was nice to hear her voice and laugh with her. I didn't realize Canada is so locked down as they are. They are all basically in lock down in their homes. Grocery stores can operate at 15% capacity. They can't visit anyone else's home at all. $1000 fine. For Christmas they lifted a tiny bit and said a single person living alone could visit another household for one day only. Good grief. She said screw it. She went to her daughters house on Christmas so she could be with her family/grandson and her other (single) daughter. They had to hide her car in the shop. She said she feels like they live in Berlin, when the wall was up.

My dogs have actually let me sleep in an extra half hour the past 2 days. We got a little snow yesterday, but so far it's been a milder winter than normal. DD said she and her hubby and their dogs went up to the mountains yesterday to play in the snow for a bit. She said her new winter boots worked perfect and her feet didn't get cold at all. I might get me a pair. They were cute and not too expensive. 

I used the $50 gift card my boss gave me and some of the gift money my mom gave me and ordered to lamps for the "bear" guest bedroom nightstands. They are electric, but look like old miners lanterns. 

Well, I need some breakfast in me and I'm sure my chicks want their morning bread treat.


  1. I live in Canada and it depends which province you live in and what they consider lock down. I live in Ontario and we just went into lock down on Saturday. After Christmas. It also depends on where you live in the province to determine how long you will be in lockdown.
    Northern Ontario, which has low numbers are locked down for 2 weeks and southern Ontario will be locked down for 28 days, because they have higher numbers. It is definitely different than last spring lockdown, while restaurants can't have in person dining and we can't get our haircut everyone else can still go to work. Last spring if your job wasn't considered an essential service you were out of work for up to 6 months. Grocery stores and pharmacies have reduced capacities and other stores, that don't sell essential items, are allowed curbside pickup.They know they are not going to stop the virus, they just want to slow the spread.

    1. She lives in central Canada. I figured it was different depending which area/province they live in, just as it is here in the states.

  2. That is so sweet, a little girl born of Christmas!

  3. It sounds like the rest of the world initiates restrictions to slow the spread and not risk over burdening the health care sector based on case rates. Seems smart as opposed to the US where it just depends who is the governor and how much they care about slowing the spread or "muh freedom", but I will end my comment without a rant. I hope we all keep our desire for real human contact-real conversations and meet-ups, and not return to pre-Covid where too many of us buried in our phone screens.