Thursday, December 17, 2020

gifts arrived and gifts given

The telescope I got dh for Christmas arrived last night. Yay! It was late and dark out by the time the UPS guy got here, not to mention a bit slippery out. DH went out to meet him at the truck, so I told him don't look at the box (because of course the company name was all over it)! haha. It's a pretty large box. I had him carry it upstairs for me to the bonus room (where he had set up his "wrapping station") and I quickly wrapped it and then made him come back up and get it and take it back downstairs to put under the tree. A box of gifts from my dd also were delivered and are now under the tree. She's so cute. She didn't want all the bows to get smushed on the boxes, so she put the bows in a ziploc and had me put them on, LOL.

The astronomy book I ordered, just in case the telescope didn't arrive before Christmas hasn't even shipped yet! I'm tempted to cancel it, but he will probably enjoy the book, too. Just hope it gets here in time. 

Dh wanted to give the delivery drivers and our garbage man gifts, so I had picked up some boxes of Hickory Farms stuff. The wrapped boxes have been sitting on the new entryway table all week and I would tell dh if UPS or FedEx was coming so he could be on the lookout and take out their gift before they drove away. Well, each day he didn't give to them. Then tells me yesterday I need to give them....I'm like why? first off you are the one they see and talk to all the time (he will stand and chat with them all the time) and second off, it was your idea to give them gifts. So, FedEx guy shows up first and dh is out chatting with him. He has been our FedEx guy for years, even when we had the house in town. He's kinda young (late 20's) and kinda goofy. LOL. Well, apparently a month or two ago he told dh he's moving to TX to be with his girlfriend, so we've had a different driver (though we don't get FedEx deliveries very often). But last week he delivered again (but dh didn't get to talk to him) so we were thinking it must not have worked out and he moved back. So, while he's giving dh the packages yesterday I went out with the gift and we chatted with him. He's just back temporarily to help out with the season busy time and then going back. Then he showed us the ring he bought to propose to her. He's sweet...and goofy, LOL.

Our garbage comes at like 6 or 6:30 am, so dh set his alarm at 5:45 and got up and got dressed so he could take out the gift when driver came. I got up at 7:15 and the garbage truck was just pulling up. DH went out there with the gift....sure enough - it wasn't our regular driver - he's on vacation and this was a fill in guy, LOL. DH gave it to him and told him he has to share it with our regular guy. DH is like this is the story of my life. He went back to bed!

Following a decor Facebook page has helped me realize more what I like and don't like, haha. The one who posted pics of her home today literally gave me anxiety just looking at the pics! LOL. Looks like a small home, but literally every inch of space has something in or on it. The nice little kitchen: literally every wall covered with pictures, from the ceiling on down to the floor! even the cupboard doors. The counters covered in stuff. Open shelves and a baking rack filled with stuff from floor to ceiling. Pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. Even the door jambs for the openings to the other rooms have knickknacks hanging from floor to ceiling along them. Every room pretty has pictures/art/plates wherever there is a space. Every surface is filled with stuff and knicknacks. I'm not quite sure I've ever seen something like it. It's all kept nice, but I can't imagine how one could ever clean or dust any of it. I also cannot stand pictures and stuff on the refrigerator. To me, nothing says clutter more than seeing that in a picture of someone's nice home.

It appears my headache I keep having is caused by a bit of a pinched nerve in my neck, I think. Those are never fun, but something I've dealt with on and off ever since I had that car accident back in 2007. Hopefully it will "unpinch" itself soon. I'm trying to do some neck stretches my chiropractor I used to see had shown me to do. It would probably be handy if I got myself one of those neck traction things that you wrap around your neck and pump up. That was always helpful when he had me use that in his office.


  1. LOL @ DH! I am glad he decided to give his gifts away himself!! Also, would the neck traction device be covered by your work benefits? Sounds worthwhile!

    1. well, that's a good idea to check into! I don't recall them being too expensive, though and it would probably be good for me to have on hand.

  2. I like knick-knacks but I'm hoping to get rid of A LOT of stuff. As far as I'm concerned "ornaments" are just dust catchers by any other name 'cos I'm not going to waste any more time dusting them!