Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Let's do Wednesday

We got a tiny bit of snow, so it does now feel more like winter/Christmas here. The temps have dropped quite a bit and it's cold again, but supposed to be sunny, cold and clear skies the next few days. Good, since I need to go to town sometime today and then go pick up my mom tomorrow....gosh, is it Christmas eve already tomorrow?

It was funny yesterday afternoon. A gift had arrived in the mail from a friend and just as I was opening it, she messaged me that she just got the gift I sent her. It was the little mini Christmas tree I had sent from the online flower company. Apparently the little decorations for it have to be put on by the recipient, but she sent me a pic after she got the little ornaments on and it looks just like the picture when I ordered. It even had a little set of lights. She said she loved it. She sent me some cute chicken things. A dish towel, a candle holder and a trivet. The flower company orders I did on Monday weren't supposed to deliver until today but both delivered (ups) yesterday, so that was fast. Our other friends said they liked the evergreen centerpiece - living in Texas now, he said they miss the smell of evergreens, so this reminded them of their old home.

I got my side job payroll done first thing this morning and I am officially done with work until Jan 4th. Wooo! Though I will probably check in my email a few times today, just in case anyone needs a sample order put in, since my boss isn't working today either, she's usually my back up, if I am off.  Everyone is off at 2pm today, so I doubt there will be much, if anything going on today. My side job office is closed the rest of this week, so I shouldn't have anything from them today.

I'm just going to do some cleaning today - need to vacuum and mop. And clean out the chicken coop. I should have done it yesterday or Monday when it was almost 50 degrees out, LOL. Did I mention I stopped turning the "porch" light on for them? I had been turning it on in the morning about 7:15 for an hour or so. Then I'd turn it back on about 4:30 in the afternoon. Well, after about a week or so they just kept staying up later and later and not going up inside. It got to be 9pm (I wanted to get in my jammies and get ready for bed) and they are still out in their open area wandering around. I didn't want to just go out there and shut the light off because I wasn't sure if they could see their way to get up on the roost bar inside their nesting area. I had read they can't see at night. So, somehow I encouraged them to get up in there before I turned out the light. Since then I've just left them to deal with the natural daylight hours, LOL. Still getting about 3 eggs a day, so guess the shorter daylight isn't affecting them too much.

Dogs hearing must be really good, haha. I can snap a milkbone dog treat in half, to give one of the dogs and the other dog isn't anywhere nearby and he will come running, just from that little snap sound. LOL.

I'm kind of bummed that I have all this time off now and my ebook/library reading supply has dwindled down to one book I'm finishing. Everything else I have on my list I'm still waiting for my turn. One really long book, I didn't get finished a couple of weeks ago before my borrowed time was up (because I was spending more time watching cheesy Christmas movies), so I had had to reserve it again and it's still going to be weeks before I get it back again. I'll have to do some searching for books that are currently available and sound good to read.

I think for Christmas eve dinner, with my mom here I will make a pizza. We haven't had that in awhile and growing up that used to be our tradition - pizza on Christmas eve. Lots of times we'd go out to this Italian Pizzeria for a family dinner or sometimes go pick it up to eat back at home.



  1. I just told my oldest son that I wanted to make lasagna for Christmas eve and he suggested pizza. I never thought of it, my mom used to make tons of food for Christmas eve and I followed the family tradition. Happy, pizza filled, holidays!

    1. I'm hoping the town grocery store has the frozen dinner rolls I use for my pizza dough, as apparently I'm out of them.

  2. "They" say not to lengthen the night, just the morning with a light. I was not getting up three hours before sunrise and wade out to turn on a light. Getting a timer is what "they" suggest. And, I did not have a light, much less a timer. With four hens, I had plenty of eggs all winter.

    Pizza sounds like a great tradition. My children would have loved that. And, now I wish we had done it.

    I think dogs are like kids, they hear best when a treat is gotten out.

    Have your read the Little House series or Firefox?

    1. Well, now that totally makes sense about not lengthening the night. I know I read Little House books when I was a kid, but I don't think so on Firefox. That one doesn't sound familiar.