Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas morning

Merry Christmas. It's Christmas morning, about 7:40am. Still completely dark outside. I'm sitting in the quiet, at my computer, with a cup of the coffee dd/sil sent me as a gift. I was up at my usual 7, for the dogs and then wanted to get my stocking stuffers stuffed. My mom got up, but I think she realized it's still pretty early, so she decided to go back to bed for a bit. I think she hears me (well hears the dogs) up and getting fed and thinks she needs to get up then, too.

I picked her up yesterday at 11. Then I drove down the street to a grocery store to look for eggnog, which they had lots of. After checking out I stopped at the lottery machine and got $20 worth of scratch off tickets to put in the stockings. Mom just waited in the car as I was probably only in there less than 10 minutes (but it was busy! all the stores looked busy). We got to my place about noon and I made a lunch of some soup. We chatted awhile and she decided to go up to her room to take a nap. I told her if I'm not here when she wakes, I'm just over at the neighbors giving them their gift. 

When I called earlier, Mr. Neighbor said Mrs had to work half day (I forgot she would) so wouldn't be home until early afternoon. I said ok, just call when you guys are free and I'll come over. She called when she got home. We ended up visiting in her foyer for like 45 minutes, LOL. We haven't talked in awhile so lots to catch up on.

For dinner I made my homemade pizza, which was really good. Reminded me of growing up, as we always either went out for pizza or had it at home. Mom doesn't seem to remember this. She really doesn't seem to have a lot of her past memories either now, sadly. The ones she does have seem to be way back, before I was born.

She did remember to bring all her mail, and the form I needed to change her banking transfer info with her investment company. In the mail as also her social security notice of her new 2021 rate. Hers is going up about $120/mo, as she didn't take as much out of her retirement funds as she did in 2019 tax, return, plus the little increase in ss.

Early evening we opened presents. I got dd/sil on Facetime so we could chat and watch each other open gifts. We have always took turns opening one at a time, so it can take awhile. It was actually pretty fun, at least as good as it can be without them being here in person. We had lots of laughs, though I wish I had a bigger screen than my ipad mini, mostly for her to see us 3 better.

I think dh liked his telescope, but I think he's probably a bit worried it will be too hard to figure out how to use. I received a lot of nice gifts........which I will chat about in the next post :) (but lets just say I will probably never want to do a puzzle again LOL)