Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday tales

Got woken up at 4am to my phone ringing with a spam call. Rude! Usually I turn my ringer off before I go to bed, but I guess I forgot last night. I don't think I've ever gotten a call during the middle of the night for spam, but have gotten early morning texts (usually from Verizon notifying me my bill was auto paid) that woke me up. At least I was able to fall right back to sleep.

We went out to dinner last night at the restaurant in town. Just have to do that every so often to have something different from the monotony of meals cooked in the microwave and/or hotplate! It's a very reasonably priced place. We can get meals cheaper there than the little drive up burger place in the next town over! I think the drive up place is high priced because it's near a tourist stop. I had the french dip. It's really good, as they also put swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms on it.

The garage door installer just got back here this morning. He still has a bit to do. One last panel to install.........because it would have apparently been too much to spend 15 minutes getting it on there before they left yesterday!......so it sat with a partial opening all night. And they still have some of the hardware and door openers to install. Apparently he's going to drag this little bit left to do all day, LOL.

The taper guy showed up at 7:30 last night to get his stuff and (sorta) clean up. Did I mention that our neighbor told DH that the jail is, in fact, still closed....so obviously his story of getting thrown in jail last Thursday afternoon was a lie, LOL. Who would want to lie about something like that? Why not just make up a story that his truck broke down?

In addition to the $10.62 I made on M-Turks yesterday, this morning I received an email that one of those hits I did yesterday also paid me a $4 bonus. Nice! Good way to start out today, plus so far I've earned an additional $3.50.

Now we are trying to figure out why the garage door openers for the house garage doors are different than the ones for the shop garage doors. Good grief. The quotes have the exact same one listed and same price. The quotes have Liftmaster 8500. Supposedly our shop ones are 8500W and our house ones are just 8500- the difference being the shop ones have a battery back up system and the house ones do not.  Wonder if they are the same price? DH says he doesn't really care about the battery back up on the house. Maybe something to do with the battery back up on the shop because they are taller doors? I guess if DH doesn't care, I'm not going to worry about it. These doors on shop and house also have Wi-fi, so you can operate from phones. One of these days I'll figure that out, too.

I don't have to talk on the phone too much, with my job. Mostly everyone just emails. But there is this one guy who always has to call. He's called twice today. Just email me! LOL. It's not anything that can't be quickly done via email, rather than a stupid call where I feel like I have to keep repeating myself.  I get sometimes a call is better, when something is complicated to explain, but none of this is.

I'm waiting to see if I won a bid on an eBay item. DH has these two really old respirator masks, that he's had to use lately and wants to replace the filter cartridges. Well, apparently the masks are so old, they aren't even made anymore. I found a new in box set of 10 for one of his masks. I'm the only bid so far, with 2 hours left, so hopefully get it.  I still haven't found anything to replace the filters in the other mask. He's having the same issue with finding some accessory parts for his shop vac. It's so old! He always takes such good care of things, that they last too long, haha.       


  1. I get spam calls too - in fact I got 3 yesterday within an hour while I was sitting reading!!! Pisses me off. I once got one at 4 a.m. on Easter Monday morning. I managed to look up the number as it was a French number, googled the company and left a message on their Facebook page. They apologized and it hasn't happened since but …. The worst though was last year when I got a text message from my ex-husband (which woke me) at 4 a.m. on a work day asking me to translate a pâté recipe for him!!! Hell, it's not like I'm even queen of the pâté making scene. Moreover I can't stand him so when he sent a follow-up message the next week asking if I got his message I just said "oh the one you sent at 4 a.m. on a week day that woke me up? Yeah, I got that one". There is a 6 hour time difference between here and PA but the idiot knows that. Haven't heard from him since thankfully!

    1. I've been getting tons of spam calls the past month or so, but it's during the day. So annoying! At least my work calls I get come thru an app, so I know it's a work call and I can ignore the spam ones coming through.