Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Getting over the hump

We got a nice surprise yesterday - around 10am a crew of 3 additional tape and texture guys showed up to help the taper guy. Thank goodness! Though that's how many should have been here starting 2 weeks ago! Apparently they will just be here a couple of days - just getting taper to the point he can start texturing quicker. It did, at least, put DH in a better mood.

I think I have decided on what color of stain to use on the inside doors and trim. Golden Pecan.  The painter had showed me some pics of doors and trim she did and it was beautiful. Plus, my cabinets are a Pecan stain too. The floors are a bit lighter (but have several shades in the wood) and I think it will all look very warm and pretty. The cabinets will be a bit different with a pecan stain because they will also have a dark glaze on them. But, all the wood (cabinets, doors and trim) is a knotty alder, so a rustic feel. It will be awhile yet before I get to see all that installed!

I think our "metal art" for the front entryway rocks is finally done. Only took the guy like 2 or 3 months, haha. It sounds like he will be shipping it out to us tomorrow. This was our Christmas gift to each other. I will post pics when we get it, though I don't think we can install it until it warms up some, as DH has to do some gluing of it on the rocks.

The cabinet lady emailed that the cabinets have been ordered and scheduled for delivery week of 3/4, so just a month out. Though I'm sure the painting and staining inside won't be done by then, at least it will be nice to know they are here and ready to go.

DH has worn his oldest pair of tennis shoes out, so it's time to order a new pair so he can rotate them out. Since I last ordered a pair via Amazon (last year) they are now $15 higher priced! Geez. I found some on sale at Kohl's, plus 15% off coupon...but unless I spend $75 I have to pay $8.95 shipping. I hate paying shipping, but don't really want to spend extra money to get to $75 either, but there are tons of things we could use for the new house, so I'd be stupid not to, I guess. I'll have to scan through clearance and sale priced stuff and see if I can find something.

UPDATE: Well, now I'm annoyed! When I was on Kohl's website yesterday shopping for the tennis shoes it said they were on sale (like 30% off) through the 7th. I had a coupon in the mail for another 20% off, but it didn't start until the 8th.....which is specifically why I looked to see how long the shoes were on sale. I put them in my cart, along with a 15% off code I found online, and was going to order this morning. Now they are not on sale anymore, back to $70.  GRRRR.......


  1. With the extra crew, things should speed up! I think your house is going to be amazing. The rustic look is perfect for your location.

    Leave it to Kohls to do something like this. Wait a week and the deal will likely return...hopefully with a better coupon!

    1. it made me feel like they took it off sale, just because it was in my cart, hoping I'd not notice and order at full price! LOL.