Monday, February 4, 2019

Mostly snow

It is really Monday already?! We were pretty boring this weekend. Friday late afternoon we drove (with the dogs) over to the next town down the highway to get some burgers and milk shakes from the little mom and pop place. They always give the dogs some bacon :)

Our neighbors were gone since Thursday. They have a friend come and feed their dogs twice a day....only Saturday she didn't even show up until noon! Plus it's so sad watching them just sit outside being so sad. They can go inside to the laundry room via their doggy door, but they sit out and wait. It makes DH so sad. He went over around 11:30 am on Saturday and gave them dog biscuits to tide them over until their feeder showed up. They got home early yesterday afternoon. DH didn't tell them about the late morning feeding, but he did say to them that when we get in our house and they go out of town, the dogs might just have to camp out at our house, LOL.

It rained a whole bunch Saturday night and most of yesterday morning. Then the temps dropped about 10 degrees in an hour and turned to snow and it lightly snowed the rest of the day and is snowing again this morning. I'm sure our taper guy won't show up....yet our 67 year old neighbor lady can make it into the city (from where he is coming from) to work! He was supposed to come yesterday and work, but of course never showed up.

FIL got his house listed for sale, using the agent we used to sell our house in 2016. Hopefully it will sell fast and all go smoothly for him. She was able to list it for quite a bit more than I figured she would, based on it's condition, so that's good too. The neighborhood is pretty decent and down the street from an elementary school. Plus, it's on older neighborhood built in the 80's so the houses have good sized lots, not built 5 feet from each other. FIL told DH that hopefully he won't have to use up much of the money and then it can be split 4 ways between DH, his brothers and sister, when he passes.  DH keeps telling him not to worry about that! Last night he made strange comment to DH that SIL (who he is living with now) said she's worried there won't be enough money for his care if he has to go to a care home.......WHAT?!  Even if he only ends up with $200k out of his home when all is said and done, between that and his monthly social security and pension, that should last him several years in a care home (based on that they cost about $6,000 a month). And if he's still around that long, well, then that's when medicaid would have to kick in.

DH got to keep a little busy yesterday, plowing our driveway. He's at it again this morning. We loaned our neighbor our little "push snow plow on wheels". It has like a hand push cart thing with a plow on the end to do like walkways. He loves it and is trying to buy his own, but I guess they are on backorder. He told DH he'd bring it back and DH told him just use it, we don't have any walkways yet. So, then he said when he can order it's twin brother, he'll give us the new one, LOL. That's something DH would do.

I just read some and finished watching the "Manifest" episodes that are available. I still am having a hard time finding e-books to borrow from my library. I actually have a long list of books I want to read, but every single one has a waiting list, it seems. Even old books! like an Agatha Christie book. I did manage to get 2 to read since last Friday and am almost done with the second one last night.

We aren't football fans at all, so no care about the Superbowl here. Even before all this kneeling for the national anthem crap, I've thought for years that these professional sports players are way overpaid and the average joe can't even afford one ticket to a game, let alone take their family.


  1. I hope the FIL's home sells quickly so there will be one less thing for him to worry about.

  2. Poor neighbor dogs! Your DH has done well treating them to biscuits.

    1. they are good dogs (now that they don't bark all the time, LOL). They were sure happy to see their people get home.