Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Staircase sneak peek

A sneak peek at the staircase. Of course it still needs railing and staining, but this shows how it turned out, design and layout wise.

from standing in entryway
from standing next to kitchen

At first the framer thought he was going to need a post under each corner of that upper landing. But he was able to move two of the posts to partway underneath the stairs coming down, in line with the (support) beam that already had to be there for our ceiling beam. Then he decided he only needed one more beam there at the corner of the upper landing. Yesterday, he also thought we were going to have to have the beginning downstairs steps start on the opposite side of that lower landing. I guess he thought it would stick out too far past that support post and be too far in our walkway to the kitchen.  We had leftover tounge and groove boards, so they just turned those over and used them as the landings base. I think they will be covered in the wood laminate flooring....though honestly I'm not sure.  Maybe painter will just stain and lacquer them, I don't know yet.

I referred DD to sign up for Ebates. Apparently I will get $25 and she will get $10 for signing up. She just made her first order, from Chewy, which gives 5% cash back. Which made me realize I have a Chewy monthly delivery of dog food on autoship and because of it being on autoship, I don't get the Ebates rebate. Hmmm.. wonder if there is a way around it. I do save with Chewy, being on autoship, but boy, sure would be nice to have the Ebates rebate too. I'm going to try something this month. The day before my autoship is set to ship, I'm going to log in (via ebates first) and say "ship now" and see if it will give me the 5% Ebates rebate. Worth a shot.

I've made about $175 in extra money for February. Not bad.

In other really good news....FIL's house has only been listed about what, a week? He got 10 offers! And $43,000 more than asking price! Very nice. We are so happy and relieved for him. I know a lot of how the house presented was because they cleaned it all out and agent did staging. I'm really glad they used that same realtor we used. She does good. Not sure what FIL is going to do once it's closed and he has the money. He mentioned the other evening to DH he just wants the house sold so he can get the money and go live someplace else. It doesn't sound like he wants to stay at SIL's house. He'd obviously have to live somewhere with assisted living. We'll see what happens. Maybe he was just having a hard day.


  1. I understand your FIL if he wants to live some place other than your SIL's. I think, I would too. Since he needs assistance, getting it from professionals rather than relatives might be easier.

    1. hopefully they will figure out a place that he likes.

  2. What a relief about the house! Would have stunk to have that dragged out and have hopes dashed etc.

    Now for your house...all of those workers need to do the work they are paid to do! And just get it done!

    1. Well, we know it will sell (still very good housing market there) and there's no way FIL would ever be able to go back and live by himself as he needs help, so it all had to go anyway. These workers are sure something. The painter lady drove 1 1/2 hrs in the crappy roads to work a whole 2 hours today. I don't get it. LOL. It's stuff she could have just stayed here 2 more hours yesterday and put in a full day and got it done. plus she still has to come back tomorrow.