Sunday, February 24, 2019

Snowy Sunday

The painter lady and her hubby were back to work a few more hours today. Still working on staining and lacquering the beams. She lacquered what she stained yesterday and did some more staining. She's almost done. I think she will be done by tomorrow. She doesn't want to finish lacquering what she stained today, until it's dry. DH said she did have a much better attitude today. I just stayed out of there, LOL. She annoys me. She asked DH if I came out and looked at it after they left yesterday (I did go out there a couple of times yesterday while they were working) and wanted to know what I thought of it......DH said "she said she doesn't care if anyone else doesn't like it!" LOL!!

This is the beam that runs at the top of the ceiling in the great room
This is the fireplace mantel - from the trees cut down on our property. Pretty rough and rustic, and even some live edge on it, but that's ok. I like that it's from the trees cut down.  (the fireplace itself is still covered in paper)

It's been snowing lightly most of the afternoon. We are really supposed to get dumped on tomorrow. Hopefully not too much. We want the framer guy to be able to get here, as he's supposed to spend Monday and Tuesday putting in our staircase. I cannot wait to see that! It will totally change it all, and I'm sure will make the great room look much smaller and less big and open.  Flooring is supposed to get started on Wednesday.

It's been hard for me to spend much time in the house this past week - all the paint and stain fumes gives me just about an instant headache, so I can't stay in there too long.

I just realized I goofed and could've gotten another $40 cash back on my lighting purchase. With the 10% off lowes coupon code I didn't need to put it on my Lowe's card (and didn't get the 5% for charging on Lowe's card, since they don't offer that if you use a 10% off coupon). I should have put it on my credit card that gets 2% cash back. Dang. Guess I was in too much of a hurry to think that one through. But, that's what I'll do on the appliances purchase.


  1. Although the painter has been a royal pain for you, at least she does good work! There is going to be some serious progress in your house this week! I'm excited for you!

    Hope you don't get the heavy snow. We are still (yes, STILL) getting hammered.

    1. Yes, for the most part she does do good work. I'm just tired of all these subs attitudes......when we are paying them! Not professional at all. We got a few inches yesterday. Waiting to see if we get dumped on today, like they are predicting. No subs here yet this morning.....LOL

  2. I love the wood and paint. You are getting so close!
    😊 Monica