Friday, February 8, 2019

More on extra income

Maybe I should complain more about trying to get enough M-Turk sooner than I posted that yesterday, then I was able to earn $6.55 yesterday with it. This morning I'm off to a great start and have done $5 already. My daily goal is $3, but if  I can find more, I try to do it, as I know there will be days when it's a big fat zero, especially on weekends.

I see that the tennis shoes I wanted to order DH from Kohl's are now on sale a big $5 off. I do also have a 20% off code, bringing it down to $52. Plus they are offering $10 cash back....but then to use up the cash back in 30 days (or however short time period is) I have to order something else online and I don't want to pay the $8.95 shipping for that either. But, they don't have free shipping unless you order $75. I think I'll do another online search through other stores and see if I can get them around that price, without having to order something else to get free shipping.

I switched from Swagbucks to Ebates for my online shopping cash back. I just got my quarterly "big fat check" deposited to my Paypal account. Just under $25, so about $8 a month. It's probably about same I would have earned via Swagbucks, except half the time I ended up not getting credit for purchases I made. Ebates just seems easier, all around, even though you do have to wait 3 months between payments.

I tried InBoxDollars. I earned almost $10 right away, but now it's painstaking and you have to get to $30 before payout. Plus, for some reason I cannot get any surveys to do now and if I try to watch their videos I get a message saying InboxDollars TV has been disabled on your account due to advertiser targeting issues or suspicious activity. I guess I'm going to just drop them. The emails to earn maybe a penny are getting annoying.

DH talked to his dad last night and he said he had gotten calls from DH's brother's too, who live in our area. He said they both said the weather is cold, snowy and miserable. DH just laughed and said well, I guess it's all in your perspective! DH said it's cold, snowy and beautiful!    


  1. Kohl's cardholders 30% off code: PINK30
    Free Shipping code: FEBMVCFREE
    Codes good through Feb 18,2019, info found on

  2. Why don't you use the 30% off code? You goggle for it & can use it for on-line order (or order on-line/pick up in store). I do that all the time!

    1. Yes I will. I googled this morning and didn't find that or the free shipping code Sue listed above. Thank you!