Thursday, May 16, 2024

Tricks and treats

I forgot to tell the funny about dh doing a "switcheroo" on dd while playing pool. She played me first, all good. Then her and dh went to play and he swapped the cue ball when she wasn't looking. We had bought a trick cue ball because dh wanted to pull the joke on her. OMG! The look on her face! The first time it just moved a bit and she didn't notice it. Then the next time she got this funny look on her face like she wasn't sure she saw what she thought she saw. Then the next time it totally curved and the look on her face! I was trying not to laugh, sitting there watching, but I couldn't help it. I just burst out laughing. She looks at her dad and says what did you do? He's like I don't know what did you do to the ball? The whole rest of the game she was like "what is going on?!" Dh and I were laughing so hard. Finally he told her it's a trick cue ball. SIL was over in the corner playing pinball so he wasn't watching it, LOL.

I see Costco has the Orange Chicken for $4.70 off per box, limit 3. Gotta get me some more of that stuff and stock up before the sale is over! We used up the last of it while dd/sil were here. They hadn't tried it before and really liked it too. I will say it doesn't reheat well, at all. We had a little bit leftover, so I had that for lunch after they left on Monday and it was kind of "soggy" .(I know, I know - I should get an air fryer! LOL)

So, now we have a mystery if the raven has left dh a present or not. LOL. Dh found a big old rusted bolt with a washer on it out in the driveway, near the edge where he's been leaving peanuts. Now, over the weekend dh and sil had the old car parked out there for some pics, so it is possible it fell off that, but that was Sunday and dh said in between then and yesterday he had walked out there numerous times - to leave peanuts and daily walks to get the mail, he thinks he would have noticed a bolt laying there. He also tried to look under the car, to see if it's missing, but can't tell anything. I guess if we start getting more things left there, then we'll know it's the raven. I said he could have picked something like that up anywhere. There's a house about mile from us full of junky cars and such.


  1. That's hilarious about the cue ball switch. I would like to have seen that!
    If you start leaving things in a specific spot, like on a big rock or a table instead of just an area, you might be able to see what the raven leaves. If a rusty bolt fell off my car, it would worry me.

    1. He's leaving the peanuts on top of the rockery that edges the driveway and also out by a tree near the front fence. He doesn't think it fell off of the old car, but can't be sure! (it's not driven much, if at all). It's driving him nuts though, LOL.

  2. I didn't even know you could buy a trick cue ball but I would have been in hysterics!