Friday, May 10, 2024

Chickens and cats

Yesterday turned into a sad day. Just before we were leaving to take the cat to the vet, I went out to the chicken coop to give them some scratch. The hen who had been sick and recovered was dead :(. She had been doing so well and no signs that she was sick again. Now it's just Gladys by herself. I don't know if it helps or hurts, but we have an old mirror and we set it up against a wall in the coop. Maybe she will think she has company. I know when we had parakeets they liked mirrors.

Amos's vet appointment literally took like 5 minutes. The vet tech and the vet came into the room together and the visit and vaccine was done quickly. $98. When I got home I looked up the feline leukemia vaccine, what causes it and what makes a cat at risk for it. It sounds like it comes from other cats, so Amos would be very low/no risk for this as there are no other cats around. Our neighbors do not have cats and the next nearest neighbors are a mile away. On his billing it says this is an annual vaccine, so I think I will ask about it next year, when they send me the reminder he's due for his annual visit/vaccine, I will ask them if it's really necessary. Then as long as he's well and healthy, I don't seem much point in him going in every year. While it's nice to be established with a vet, as we found with our 2 dogs as they got older, the appointments ended up being emergency appointments and we had to go to an emergency vet, so didn't even get to see our regular vet.

Our groceries were ready to be picked up, but first I stopped at the other store that I get the frozen hamburger patties at. I usually get 2 bags, but they had 3 left, so I got all 3. Maybe that extra will save a stop there next time. I also got a dozen pink roses. Dh wants to take some to the cemetery for his mom on Sunday and I wanted some to go with my mom's ashes in the river. The cemetery where dh's mom's ashes are has these very tiny little flower holders, so we can never put very much in there, so we can split up this bouquet between the 2 of them. I might keep a few stems to put in a vase. I am hoping the last until Sunday. They weren't open much yet and I put them in the fridge, so I am hoping that helps make them last until Sunday

After we picked up our groceries at Walmart, it was getting close to 3pm, so we decided to go through Wendy's drive through and have an early dinner. Gotta love a night I don't have to cook. We were back home a little after 3:30. It always takes a good 15-20 minutes to get everything put away. Then I went back to my desk and answered a few emails and processed some expense reports to finish out the day.

Amos threw up just as I was getting ready for bed, but at least it was on the hard floor and an easy clean up. Probably from the vaccine. He was good the rest of the night and no meowing and he slept in between dh and I all night. 

Another beautiful day is on tap today. I'm sure dh will be mowing again. It needs it and he won't have time this weekend, with dd and sil here. I have to get payroll done today. But, am looking forward to a long weekend, as I have Monday off. The kids won't be here until early afternoon tomorrow, so I'll have the morning do get some cleaning done.

Still nothing on either my mom's tax refund or her final social security payment. Another week gone by.

One more sleep and dd will be here :)


  1. Enjoy your dd & dsil:)
    Happy Mother's day 🌺

  2. That is too bad about the chicken. The remaining hen will enjoy the mirror, but she will miss her friend. Will you get more chickens?
    It would be a good idea to get the vaccine next year. There may be a cat from far away or feral that he comes in contact with unbeknownst to you.
    Have fun with your daughter.

    1. as of right now, no more chickens. Maybe next spring I will try again and get some chicks. Since we will be going on our cruise in September, the less pets to have to deal with, the better, for now. If this one chicken is still around by then, I'll just have my neighbor check in on her every 2-3 days (we'll be gone 8 days)